Saturday, November 24, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is:

Counting down to the the most sweet & romantic festive/season of the year -- Christmas! The year won't be complete without celebrating Christmas! It's a must-celebrate festive which I will not miss. Oh I can ignore birthday & CNY but not Christmas!

Christmas celebration is the best time to gather with all family members and do a pot-luck session, savoring Christmas dishes & jingling all the way! Been missing the awesome-ness of celebrating Christmas with families, decorate & put up Christmas tree in the living room, etc. I missed aunt's home roasted Turkey stuffed with vegetables & the homemade gravy, awesome-licious!

Things are different now but still am hoping to celebrate with family. Also, not forgetting celebrating this season with my crazy mad colleagues! Looking forward to a madness unforgettable Xmas!

Dear Santa, humans are greedy. Wanted Christmas gift:
Am falling in love with this awesome product! Read my review on RODIAL here!

Updates: Guess what? RODIAL has their limited promo at their outlet! Damn excited~

I've always love VS but too bad they don't sell lingerie in Malaysia yet. But anyway, fallen with one of their fragrance collection -- BOMBSHELL! Sounds like a real bombshell but this is the mad thing! Light scented perfume has always been the favorite ones! Smell sexy from day-to-night with Bombshell, a glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, vanilla orchid & Shangri-la peony. Simply loves the fruity-licious scent! *yums* 

Naked Palette by Urban Decay! Every girls' favorite must-have item in their make-up pouch! Been procrastinating to head down to Sephora, Starhill to grab one. So, Sephora (Paradigm Mall), when are you opening? 

New found love! Samsung never fails to amaze. Deffo getting you! 

Yours Truly,

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