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Of Dragon's Blood & Snake Serum, Go Fabulous with RODIAL!

There is countless definition on BEAUTY.  To me, BEAUTY is not just about the external appearance. Do you think by altering your physical appearance will makes you look more attractive and beautiful in the end? I doubt that, if a person really knows what the meaning of BEAUTY is. Undeniable, women love to dress up with hair and makeup done to look good, that is true when you are heading somewhere or having a date out. But, does that makes you beautiful, literally?

Being brought up in a family where mom doesn’t really fancy about makeup, it actually affected me as a daughter in a way where I am not so into makeup as well. Ok, I know it sounds so wrong if I would to say I don’t use makeup at all. My makeup is pretty simple where I just put on fake lashes (I don’t fancy mascara) and apply a good foundation. That’s it! I always try not to put on too heavy makeup as it will makes my skin look worse than ever, imagine a person who put on makeup every single day, what if she goes without any makeup one day, guess what she looks like? You don’t want to end up showing people your pale looking face as if you’ve gotten ill, nay?

Mom educated me about practicing a good skin care regime since I was at the age of 12. It’s been more than 10years for now since I practiced a good skin care regime. My definition on beauty is pretty simple. It is all about self-confidence, being healthy and possessing a good personality. Having a good looking healthy skin is my best booster for self-confidence!

People around always said that I have smooth rosy skin but I always disagree with them as I don’t like to looked like a tomato face. But anyway, thanks for all the compliments. Secret to a young healthy looking skin is to drink more water and of course use suitable skin care products to maintain it. I’ve tried a lots of different skin care brand, changing every now and then as when age is growing, your skin condition will change too. Therefore, you must know how to search and look for the suitable ones for your skin.

On a fine weekend, I had the privilege being invited to a facial pampering session with bloggers.  It’s RODIAL. It sounds so familiar but I could not recall for a moment until I was informed that they have outlets at Robinson, The Gardens. 

Rodial has been in Malaysia for about 2.5years, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of that but please bear with me here,  I’m falling in love with it so I’m sharing my experience with Rodial to you readers.

Rodial, derived from Rodi (Rodi is Greek for “pomegranate”). Founded by Maria Hatzistefanis, and inspired by her grandmother’s homemade concoctions for beauty products. Maria started Rodial and uses the miracle ingredient which is “Pomegranate”, a powerful antioxidant-rich extracts which plays an important role in Rodial products.  Rodial is a luxury skincare range that offer to target treatments to specific skin concerns. It is an alternative to plastic surgery & injections. 

Greeted by these products on display and I was stoned with the names: Dragon Blood & Skin Bleach? I hope they don’t bleach my skin and pour on red potion filled with dragon blood. *LOL* 

Refreshment served for fellow bloggers
When I was struggling to find out and understand what those names all about are, a friendly gentleman sat down next to me and start explaining. He was the medical advisor for Rodial, Dr.Iqbal Farim Rizal Wong. He shared and explained almost each of the products in detail. Even with my question repeated, he still managed to provide me a good answer. As I am a very particular person when it comes to skin care products, I asked all kind of questions even some sound silly. It was a great sharing session from Dr.Iqbal before I start my facial using Rodial products. I feel much comfortable after all the explanation, and enjoyed the facial session hoping to see some promising results. 

Doing the 5 minute facial of Glamtox skin care range. I can feel the sting, syiokness!

The immediate after results, close-up shot on the right. 
Voila! This is my after-facial look, I felt awesome as it was amazing to know that after facial, my skin looked as if I’ve put on makeup (as I always encounter redness/greasy looking skin after facial) ! What makes my skin looked so good? Credit to the final step of facial, the beautician applied BB Venom Skin Tint. It gives me a flawless looking, achieving a smoothilicious skin!

BB Venom Skin Tint: One of the latest innovation from Rodial, this ultimate product gives you flawless looking skin. Infused with Syn-ake, the powerful dipeptide helps plump up your skin and reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles. Indeed a multi-talented companion leaving your skin hydrated and flawless finish with medium coverage. I am using the Hamptons (medium color).

Products used on my face during the facial session. L-R: Skin Bleach Cleaner, Dragon's Blood Cleansing Water, Glamtox 5 minute facial mask, Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Spray, Dragon's Blood Eye Gel & Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel.

Apparently, Rodial offering a range of products from skin care, body care to cosmetic.

Skin Care:

1. Skin Bleach Cleanser: An innovative exfoliating glycolic facial wash with combination of fruit acids to smooth and retexture the skin for a brighter and younger looking complexion. It also reduces appearance of age spots such as fine lines and wrinkles. It encourages cell renewal, eliminates pigmented cells and refines pore size.

2. Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water:  A non sting, no-rinse formula that helps remove makeup and impurities with refreshing rose water while the dragon’s blood soothes sensitive stressed skin. It is also best use to remove residue of 5 minute facial clay mask. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-redness, suitable for sensitive skin.

Skin Bleach Cleanser & Dragon's Blood Cleansing Water
3. Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic: The instant skin reviver and ideal for instant energy boost. Lock in moisture for 24hrs for more refined, firmer and brighter complexion. Perfect for setting makeup and soothing in-flight refreshment. Contains rose water, dragon’s blood, Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic acid. A must get facial spray as it really helps keeping your skin hydrated/moisturized all day long! I’ve tried different brands of facial spray and this amazed me.This miracle tonic simply inject instant moisture into my skin! Feeling supple and ready to go.

4. Glamtox 5 minute facial: Glamtox = "Glamorous alternative to Botox". This is a clay mask that helps to reverse signs of ageing in just 10mins. This mask exfoliates and decongests mask clarities, absorbs impurities and reduces pore size.  Contains LaraCare which firms, lifts and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;  while Argirline reduces stress in skin and relax contracted muscles. The therapist applied this mask to my skin and I start to feel some cooling menthol effect but I was wrong, it was actually sting feeling as it contains some botox ingredients where it helps firming and lifting. After 5 minutes, therapist gently remove the peel by rubbing the skin with fingertips, finish by wiping off residue with facial sponge.

Glamtox 5 minute facial.
5. Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel: The most wanted liquid facelift! It helps define facial contours and plump away saggy skin with Collageneer and Volufiline. Dragon’s blood works by forming a unique second skin-like film on the face which effectively protects, reduces redness and firms for smoother, youthful looking complexion. Read here for Angelina Jolie's secret in having glowing complexion. And Lady Gaga's favorite too!

6. Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel: Instantly reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles. The cooling gel refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes with magical concoction of rose water, arnica, hyaluronic acid and dragon’s blood. Dark circles formed by complex physiological mechanism such as weak capillaries. The small blood vessel will web the skin around the eyes when capillaries are weak, thus red blood cells leak out causing bruised panda looking eyes.  

7. Glamoxy Snake Serum (Best Seller): Botox has been booming around and not all women can afford for it nor some people could not bear the pain of being injected. When Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum entered the cosmetic spotlight, it was then an essential wrinkle-plumper. It is a revolutionary oxygenated, viper-inspired serum contains syn-ake; an advanced neuropeptide that mimics the effects of Temple Viper’s venom, give a mild freeze-like effect supporting the reduction of visible facial contractions.  Best for smokers as they tend to have bad looking skin as a result from smoking. This serum will helps providing oxygen to the skin and relax the muscle. 

Glamoxy Snake Serum, the facial freeze serum!

A live demo by Rodial's General Manager, Ms.Liyana.

Body Care

1. Tummy Tuck Sticks: Helps in reducing waistline and speed up digestion. It is a dietary supplement powder with pineapple and papaya enzymes that facilitate digestion by splitting proteins. Good for those who have poor digestive system and bloating problem. Advisable to consume one stick daily after meal for 2 weeks.  

2. Crash Diet Sticks: Crash those fats with crash diet! These miracle sticks boost up metabolism, drain off excess water retention and speed up fat burning at the same time! Take one stick a day for 2 weeks for fast, effective weight loss results. 

3. Arm Sculpt: A dual action formula to retexture and sculpt the upper arm area. A powerful combination of multi fruit acids work to smooth & retexture the skin while caffeine and coenzyme stimulate the transformation fat and sculpt up the upper arm area. 

4. Tummy Tuck: Formulated with stomach flattening micro fibers which helps in slimming and tighten the abdominal area. How? It increase the fat burning metabolism and break down stubborn fat cells from abdominal area.

5. Stretch MX: A stretch mark eraser which helps to even out skin tone and reduce appearance of stretch marks. Best cater for postpartum usage. It strengthens the dermal matrix with collagen and elastin building ingredients to firm and tone the skin. Also, it's best use for those having saggy skin on thigh, buttocks, or any concern area. 

6. Bum Lift (Best Seller): Get a "brazilian" style bum with this best seller! Instant firming and smoothing effect on buttocks and thighs. 

7. Boob Job (Best Seller): Don't get me wrong, you need not to go under the knife to increase bust size! This works with your natural fat cells. Myrrh Resin increases number of fat cells and enhances fat storage in the bust area, resulting an increase in cup size. 

Pictures with fellow bloggers and key person from Rodial:

With General Manager Ms.Liyana & Medical Advisor Dr.Iqbal.

Say NO to jabs! Now you can have youthful, healthy looking skin complexion without knife/cosmetic surgery!

For more information, check out Rodial website here & LIKE their FB page, Rodial Malaysia & Rodial Skincare.

Below are the Rodial's outlets in Malaysia:
1. Parkson Pavillion, KL
2. Isetan, The Gardens Mall, MV
3. Isetan, KLCC
4. Robinsons, The Gardens Mall, MV
5. Beauty Science, 2nd floor, BSC

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