Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pizza Fest @ Aria Italian Dining, Damansara Height

Pittsa time! Was invited for a Pizza Fest at Aria Italian Dining, Bukit Damansara. Feels so excited as we get to make our own pizza creation (don't get me wrong, we only do the topping part.)

Oh dear, when comes to the location, I've got no idea where is that place as it's so hidden and my darn GPS (Guna Pun Sesat) could not locate it. Luckily, with the kind help from Ramesh, we managed to reach Aria before the event kicks off.

The place is hidden somewhere in the heart of Bukit Damansara and I like the simple concept of the restaurant, cosy and warm. It's a neighbourhood restaurant that offers warm and intimate setting for delighting in good food with family and friends. Aria carries the meaning of air/space or melody, not only does Aria serves good food but provide customers a comfortable dining environment to enjoy meal with soothing background music.

The cosy setting in Aria
Fest your eyes with Pizza at Aria!
It's all about creativity and passion for good taste, the Pizza Fest aimed in producing original flavor of a pizza.  Fellow bloggers are required to create own pizza using various toppings, but limits up to 5 toppings only. All pizzas will then be judges and guest bloggers will get to vote for their favorite winning pizza. The winning pizza will then be named after the creator and placed in Aria's menu!

Brain storming on my own pizza creation.

A spread of ingredients on the table for bloggers to have the hands-on experience creating their own pizza.

Close up on the various ingredients.

Servings of bread with Italian Oil (mixed with Italian herbs) as appetizer. 

Introducing Sous-Chef, little Ethan (Merryn's son) from , creating his own pizza. He's so cute and not shy at all, landing his hands on his favorite ingredients. 

Ivy, founder of FOOD doing her thang. 

Great to land my hands on pizza again. It's been awhile since I last made pizza, missing the baking moments with Mom. Kudos to Mommy, creating this pizza at Aria makes me feel like making one at home. 

Voila! My creation (left): Cheesy Smoked Duck Pittsa! Created with 5 toppings: Onion, Pineapple, Mozzarella, Oregano and Smoked Duck. Guessed I've put too much of ingredients causing the outcome gone haywire. The right one was made by the Chef using the same ingredients that I've selected. 
The winning pizza was Ethan's creation: Cheesy Roasted Chicken Delight Pizza! Another winning pizza was by Malaysian Foodie's Pamela with her creation: MalaysianFooza Pizza. Congratulations to both winners.

Both winning pizza will be available in the menu starting on 21st Oct 2012-4th Nov 2012.

Below are the details of each winning pizza:
1. Cheesy Roasted Chicken Delight Pizza - Mozarella, Roasted Chicken, Mushroom, Pineapple, Rocket Leaves (RM25++). A delicious and very appetizing tender roasted chicken with a tangy twist that will make you crave for more.

2. MalaysianFooza Pizza - Pineapple, Roasted Duck, Turkey Ham, Mozzarella, Mushroom (RM28++). A creation from which is delights with the Malaysian style and everyday favorites.

The regular price for the Pizza Fest is RM25nett per pizza (up to 3 toppings). Additional toppings cost between RM3nett & RM7nett.

Available daily from 6pm onwards!

For more info, visit Aria website & Aria FB page

44G&M, Plaza Damansara
Jalan Medan Setia 2, Damansara Heights,
59100 KL, Malaysia.

Contact: 03-2095 0016
Map to Aria

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