Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hey! Join Yuna on Galaxy Wonderland!

Ola to Yuna fans out there! *point self* Yes, I;ve been following Yuna for quite sometime coz am deeply falling with her songs! Oh-am-gee, her song is seriously damn awesome & never bored listening to them repeatedly! One of my favorite: SPARKLE

Did you realize she actually playing with a Samsung Smartphone in the MV? *heh*

Anyway, back to the main topic. Samsung has it's latest campaign with Yuna as Galaxy Note II ambassador & they are embarking on a musical journey to bring everything special about Malaysia to life in GALAXY Wonderland! GALAXY Wonderland is a musical voyage and celebrates Malaysia's identity tru its culture, places and art.

So, how to join & explore GALAXY Wonderland? Logon GALAXY Wonderland online portal, click here and start exploring! Draw/Upload photo/Video creatively and submit your stories! Yuna will use these personal accounts to find her own creative spark to write a new song. Psst, your creation/stories might inspired Yuna & be part of her new song!

I did mine, uploaded one of Malaysian's favorite Poached Eggs on Toast (my fav) & add a caption. If you are good in drawing, draw away!

So, what I love about Malaysia? Well, my stories is pretty simple -- FOOD! One thing I am proud of Malaysia is the Food Heaven. You'll get different cultures of food anywhere anytime! I would not say am a food expert but being a gastronomer, I go for food hunt every week! Tell me if you can resist below... *drools*

Food teaser to all:
Famous Ipoh Hakka Mee

Ipoh's famous Egg Tart

Le Malaysian's favorite: Durian

Yummy kuih!

Penang's famous Fried Koay Teow/CKT with Duck Egg!
Tempted much? ^.^

So what are you waiting for? Share your stories here:

For more information on GALAXY Wonderland, do visit their portal at or visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia FB Page HERE.

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