Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Wedding Season

Ola my fellow readers, sorry for the long absence. Here's a short update on last weekend : WEDDING.
Yes, it's the season of the year again. Love & happiness filling the air where you have people around you getting married. Maybe the Chinese beliefs are year end is somewhat good timing for marriage *I don't know* LOL!

Anyway, attended my colleague's wedding at Oriental Banquet and tagged along company's craziest people, we had so much fun that night! Shall let the pictures do the talk.

The beloved trainer & his ladies. *wink*

With the cutie-pie Sylvia!
Company group picture

Le ladies
 2 days after the wedding dinner, another of our colleague had her ROM on Monday!

Signed, sealed & delivered!

Group shot while waiting the bride & groom

Group shot with the bride, how thoughtful she is giving us each a small little gift. It's cute little bear with wedding attire.

Another group shot with the guys.
*Photo credit: Shermaine

Till then,

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