Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Makes You A Man!

Before I start this post, just to make it clear that what you will be reading is all based on personal opinion. You can critic/comment/condemn it whatsoever, but this is purely a personal view short post.

Being gentleman, having good career, working damn hard for living, having a good car and house, possessing good personality in front of all, etc. Do you think with all these positive characteristic makes you a real good man? I doubt so! One can easily make themselves look so good especially with their physical appearance, which makes them feel so confident with themselves. Now, people won't be able to see the down side of them. People will praise and said how good are these men, blah blah blah. That's because they know THE WAY of hiding or make things look good.

In fact, at the other end, some men just making shits. Of treating friends, girl friends and families, some of these men are such a big time failure! So hey, female ain't human huh? How could you mistreat a female as if she is your slave? How could you lay your hand on your mistress/gf/mother? To worst, how could you kill your own child! Well, as the Chinese saying goes "It took two hands to clap, both were at fault" . Still, the one who start cheating is at fault big time!

Rich/wealthy guys can savor different ladies at one time. Can women do so too? Oh well, who knows.
A friend said: When a guy is rich/financial stable, he can do anything start with cheating. Once cheat, he can cheat forever. Never ever trusted such guy. *psst, this statement came from a guy tho*

As such, it's quite a pity to the ladies that their partner is cheating them all time. Some knows it but pretending not knowing it. Power of love?
But there is such a statement from a guy: Male partner sleeping with another women, so what? As long as they know to go home, get back with the spouse/family, that doesn't really matter.
Now, can you agree with such statement? (especially to the ladies). If there's a lady who can accept her partner doing such thing, my salutation to you.

Just don't do the bad thing (or maybe not bad?) mentioned above, now you are the good/better ones, served with full respect!

Anyways, different people have different perspective on this topic. Just do the right thing with no regrets!

So, what do you think about a real man?


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