Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Happenings in Life.

Going through terrible weeks lately due to hectic schedule, hardly get an off day for myself to rest my body & soul. With some unexpected add on task, I still have faith on myself that I can handle them well. Oh well, I really did them well as I would not be able to sleep well if things are not done nicely.

On top of that, as a normal human being I still have my own social life/private time after work. Going all out from Monday to Sunday is indeed tiring but fun when work/task is done, satisfaction says it all! But, there are always hypocrite/pretender trying to stand out or to show he/she is THE ONE. Creating havoc, messing around with people, talk more/too much than action, this is what they do most of the time. Perhaps they want more attention? Uhmm, I guess you somehow made it coz am writing this and you've got my attention ? *applause* Sometimes, you don't need to do all these hoo-haa just to grab attention. Be yourself, you will get the recognition one day.

But hey, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACHED! As the saying goes, "Action speaks louder than words". If you were to just walk around telling people your grandmother stories, why not just save up your time and do something which is of your priority. Lame old excuses are no longer useful these days so never ever think of using it yo! Just do what you should do and show others a good example, now that will makes you a better person and get respected by others.

Spreading/disclosing improper statement which is not supposed to be will only reflects who/what kind of person you are. Now you think that makes you feel damn great and proud of yourself? *pat pat*

Happened to be in nerve-wracking situation on hectic days seriously driving me nuts, literally! *pulling hair*
Learnt not to give a damn respond and balanced myself sticking to 2 of my current favorites:

Till then,

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