Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Contest: WATCH2WIN Xbox 360 + Kinect!

Hoping to own an Xbox 360 + Kinect? But you wish to get it free? Fret not! Now you can get one by just answering simple question, complete the slogan, share & tag your friends! It's soooo simple like peanuts!

Just follow simple steps below and voila, you stand a chance winning yourself Xbox 360 + Kinect!

2. Watch the video.
3. Answer this simple question: What subject was the Hero studying?
4. Complete this slogan: The smartest thing I've ever done is ________ (not more than 10 words)
5. Share & tag at least 5 friends.

Contestant with correct answer and the most creative slogan stands a chance to win a brand new Xbox 360 + Kinect! How cool is that!

Now, watch the video & win yourself Xbox 360 + Kinect today!

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