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Travelogue #5: Traditional Cantonese Brekkie @ 海皇粥店, 油麻地。Ocean Empire Food Shop @ YMT, Kowloon.

It's brekkie time in HK! *dragged myself out of bed* First thing in mind : What to eat for breakfast? *I have no idea*

So let's walk around and hunt for some awesome brekkie! Since am looking for some traditional cantonese breakfast, definitely not the yucky dim sum, I want to have congee! And we roamed around YMT..... Oh look! 海皇粥店-> means congee *my favie*

海皇粥店 / Ocean Empire Food Shop. Hmm, food shop? Sounds weird but never mind, as long as they feed me nice food! 

Here we are fixing the Traditional Hong Kong Cantonese breakfast which consist of congee (粥), steamed rice rolls (肠粉), stir fried noodle (炒面), or deep fried dough sticks (油条). As for me, I am not keen in trying their stir fried noodle as HK's version is always tasteless. 

What we ordered: 

On our table : A selection of sauces, ground pepper and white sesame seed.

Tadaa! The must-have! Best combination with congee! We usually call it deep fried dough stick but here, they named it as Twisted Doughnut HKD8. I looked everywhere but I don't find it in twisted shape rather in a stick only. Why name it as twisted doughnut? *scratch head* The waitress chopped it to smaller sizes so here you are-> freshly served deep fried Twisted Doughnut! It's huge in size and definitely healthier than Malaysia's version. To my surprise, it is not that oily at all and tasted sweet and crunchy! *crunch crunch crunch* Frankly speaking, I love HK's deep fried dough stick than Malaysia's one. Usually, I have to use tissues to absorb the OIL before eating. Now I can have my HK deep fried dough stick/Twisted Doughnut with no worries!

Fish Slice Congee 鱼片粥 HKD18.50

The none other than must-try congee-> 皮蛋艇仔粥 Thousand-year egg & "Sam Pan" Congee HKD19.50.  I still prefer to call it Millennium eggs than thousand-year egg, so weird right? A bowl filled with treasures! The congee alone was so tasteful, added with other ingredients-> Thumbs Up! There's millennium eggs, minced beef balls, "choi pou" (salted vege) and squid. Sprinkled with ginger slices and green onion. 

牛脷酥 Ox Tongue Crisp HKD8. Looks alike with other deep fried dough but this was awesome! We ordered 2 basket of this! The dough itself was crispy, soft & sweet. It tasted so good which makes me go speechless. It will be best to dip it in Kopi-O (The kopitiam style) / Cafe Americano. Again, it's not that oily that's why I had more of this. 

香茜叉烧肠粉 BBQ Pork with Coriander Ricesheet Roll HKD16.50. Besides congee, we also tried the HK version of steamed rice sheet roll. Boy it was so good! The best thing was chunks of "char siu"/ BBQ Pork rolled inside the "cheong fun"/ steamed rice sheet roll unlike Malaysia's one with bits only! This plate of "cheing fun" best served with sweet soy sauce, sorry didn't capture that. Now I know why my friend always prefer HK style CCF because it is really good! 

In HK, you must try their "si mut nai char" / HK Style Milk Tea 丝袜奶茶. I love my cup served hot. Well, it was served tasteless so you can tailor yourself the sweetness according to your liking, provided with sachets of coarse sugar.

Most of the people still like it with ice, it's summer yo! It tasted like Malaysia's Teh-Tarik. Actually it is more or less the same. Difference is Malaysia's version sweet max!

Look! Their pastries are all in huge sizes! Now you want to know how Ox Tongue Crisp look like? Move your eye ball to the left! 

Steamed Rice Sheet Roll in process!

油麻地 彌敦道497A號地下
497A, Jordan Street
Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.


Food: 7.5/10
Service: 6/10
Pricing: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 6/10

Note: Written above are all based on personal opinion only, no bias/offence to any other parties. 

With Love,

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