Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashion Talk by Backstage Academy

Speaking of FASHION, what do you know about it? To me, fashion is all about being comfortable with what you wearing.

On a fine Saturday, I was invited to attend a fashion talk organized by Backstage Academy.

Special guest was Desmond Lim who flew all the way back to Malaysia from New York. He is a fashion designer/stylist in New York and freelance write for fashion magazines too!
Meet the handsome & friendly Desmond Lim

Besides the special guest appearance, the talk also consist of other speakers from Backstage Academy. The fashion talk speaks about fashion and beauty range from top to toe and inside out. David, emcee of the day did the ice breaking session and introduced fellow speakers. 

Ken Lee, make-up artist of Backstage Academy 

Ken explained steps in doing make-up and demonstrated to the audience about make-up on model-Geo Tee. 
He also stressed that what you wear must compatible with your age. Otherwise, a good looking dress won't be looking good on you if it does not match with your age. Almost every lady knows how to make-up but do you know the proper way of make-up? 

Tips #1 from Ken: If you do not know which eye shadow color to put on, use earth color. It is safe for day and night wear.
Tips #2 from Ken: Never put any foundation under eye during your foundation application, to avoid dirts under eye when applying eye shadow. Only put on cream foundation under eye during final step. 

Bryant (R), explaining while Ken do the make-up on Geo. Bryant is the founder and make-up artist of Backstage Academy.

Voila! 2 point eye make-up done!

Next, hair dresser Wayne will do a demo on Geo. He dyed Geo's hair before the fashion talk session. There's a few tone on Geo's hair which is the latest trend, but Malaysians have yet to apply this. 

According to Wayne, OMBRE is the latest trend of hair coloring in Paris. Western countries had adapted to this trend 2 years ago but Malaysia have yet to try out this cool trend! 

What is OMBRE? 
It's a 2 tone hair coloring trend especially for short hair. For Asian, Wayne suggested a 3 tone. It's a color technic of darker tone to lighter tone on the end part. During color application, it will not be apply on the roots as it damage our skin badly. Only apply near roots where darker color hair grows. This color application uses traditional way of wrapping the hair instead of using machines. Machines fasten the color application process but color will fade away in short periods. 
OMBRE's concept is on LO-maintenance, which means even new hair grows, one need not to re-dye their hair as this will help create another tone of hair color which is dark to light, creating layers of different colors.

Next in-trend of hair color is Balayage (sunkissed). Balayage in French meaning "brush", a new hair coloring technic. Best apply for long hair. Balayage helps create up to 3 tones of hair color! Now I know am having Ombre/Balayage as well without re-dye my hair for more than 6months! 
My fav idol Sarah Jessica Parker!

Ola fashionista! Here comes our New York Fashion Designer/ Stylist explaining to us about fashion and style!
Polka dots! It is still fashionable but never go too much with dots. Try to do some mix matching with leopard prints, you'll see something different. 

Color Blocking! A fun mix-match where you get to play with colors!

Model (Geo) wearing Polka Dots high waist jumpsuit with a thin belt. 

Feeling 80's?

Back to 40's with shoulder pad! Now go "explore" your granny's wardrobe and you'll find some great piece!

Trend for 2012 - Oceanic

Sheer lace bottom is the big hit for 2012!

Sponsoring items on display

Geo, Lence, Joe and Desmond

Bryan & Joe

David, Bryan, Wayne, Ken and Lence

Bryan and Ken

David and Desmond

Goodies Bag by sponsors!


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