Monday, November 7, 2011

Travelogue #4: It's all about Food & Shopping at Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon.

Free and easy session iz back! It's all about roaming around Tsim Tsa Tsui (TST), the heart and soul of HK,  in Southern Kowloon!

Walking down the street of TST, spotted this gigantic dog! His name is Obama. 

Obama: "I'm done with pee, so I need some water!" *it's summer*

Look! Spotted Gong Cha kiosk! Haven't try the one in Malaysia but I'm gonna try this! 

So I bought this Green Tea with Sour Plum. The best drink ever on a hot-like-hell summer!

HKD 12 only! Ranked 10/10!! I want more~

Shops along Nathan Road!

Walked a lot the whole day from street shops to shopping malls. Went to the biggest shopping mall-> Miramar Shopping Mall located at Nathan Road, TST! Most of the brands were originated from Japan, can't resist from touching and making them belong to me! We walked from TST back to YMT without us knowing that we actually walked this far instead of taking MTR!

What we had along our "walks":

A very small-almost-half-a-shop Won Ton Noodle Char Chan Ting! One of the ideal place to fix foodie obsession over Won Ton Noodle!

招牌三宝面 Signature Noodles (with prawn wonton, beef and fish paste) HKD34. A big bowl of WonTon noodles served in steaming hot broth with chunks of shrimp wontons/dumpling, beef and fish paste. All in generous amount! The soup itself was just good, not too oily unlike Malaysia's version of Wan Tan Mee in soup-> more like soup with ajinomoto. But I prefer Malaysia's version to be dry rather than soup.

The springy al dente egg noodles! 

招牌云吞面 Won Ton Noodle HKD20. Here comes the ideal bowl of wonton noodle soup with big fat juicy shrimp wontons! Not the chopped-shrimps but the whole shrimp!

鲜鱼皮饺面 Fresh Fish Paste Dumpling Noodle HKD20. If you can't take shrimps, there's always an option of trying out their fish paste dumpling noodle! 

Food: 7/10 (HK Won Ton Noodle is one of the perfect fodder)
Service: 4/10 (Waiter/waitress was not so friendly and got no patience)
Pricing: 7/10 (Quite affordable for such a great portion)
Ambiance: 5/10 (Never expect a clean place as it's only a normal Char Chan Ting)


Walked back to Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei (YMT). Temple Street has its own night market every night open from 4pm to midnight. What you can find at Temple Street night market? Foods, inexpensive item, etc. 
Temple Street night market is famous for its roadside dining (大牌档/Dai Pai Dong), serving local street cuisine from seafood, steamed rice to dim sum. 

Oh look! This is damn old school! Didn't know it is still existing today-> Soft serve ice cream truck! 

Aww I feel like a kid again, how nice! A good idea to have this around during summer! 

Was craving for Hong Kong curry fish balls and local street snacks, which I've missed so much from previous visits. To cure my obsession over fish balls.......

炸肠 Fried Intestine. One of the best street snacks, how can you resist this crispy yummylicious food?

Curry fish balls are one of the popular must-have street snacks! You can choose from non-spicy, medium spice to spicy. Well, even the non-spicy still spicy to me. But I love their chewy rubbery-like fish balls! I can have countless sticks on this single item yo!

Varieties of HK local street snacks! 

碗仔翅 Shark Fin Soup. One of the local snacks but this was total disappointing! 

Fried Intestine! Served with sweet sauce.Yummeh!

Non-spicy fish balls & beef balls (鱼蛋&牛肉丸). *drools*

Reached hotel with sore feet after walking for more than 12hours! No joke! Exhausted but glad that my big time rescuer was with me-> Hada Labo!
Bought few packs of Hada Labo Whitening Mask from Sasa and used it immediately to fix my dehydrated skin! To call it a day, put on Hada Labo Whitening cum Hydrating mask sheet and depart to slumberland! 

Note: Written above are all based on personal opinion only, no bias/offence to any other parties. 

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