Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sneak Peek of Gelatomio!

Bonjour! Fancy of ice cream but worry of weight gain? No worries, Gelatomio meet your cravings for ice cream! Gelatomio ice-cream not only available at their kiosk but in the supermarket SOON! You can buy them and store in your refrigerator and spoon them while watching your favorite movies!

Sneak peek of the new cup size Gelatomio Italian ice-cream!

Best savor on a hot sunny day!

There are other sizes too will be available in selected supermarkets & airline. Stay tune for this cute cup size ice-cream!

Check out their website for more information!
LIKE their FB page now if you have not do so! And participate in their contest to win awesome prizes!
READ my previous post on Gelatomio if you have no idea what am I crapping about!


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