Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gelatomio @ Genting Highland

A big fan of ice cream but afraid of getting fat? No worries, Gelatomio serve you the premium ice cream up to 99% fat-free! Mom used to told me when we were in Korea, "Fight the cold with ice cream!" and we had ice cream in the freaking cold night! Imagine that, its snowing everywhere in Korea with negative temperature! But it was a great try tho.

I've been a big fan of Gelato ever since I tried one in Mid Valley *can't recall what's the brand*. Happen to be at the cooling peak, Genting Highland, besides having some hot cuppa at Starbucks, I'll surely look around for ice cream! Ahha, spotted Gelatomio at First World Plaza! You can sample them before purchase. I sampled a few and made up my mind. There are cup, cone, waffle cup, and many more choices available for your selection. I chose the cup one which comes in small, regular and large. Small cup (2 scoops), Regular cup (3 scoops) and Large cup (4 scoops). 

Regular Cup comes with 3 Scoops RM10.60 (Banana Yogurt, Dark Choc & Tiramisu). This 3 flavors are awesome! Dark choc tasted a lil bitter but yums! Banana yogurt is love! I like the combination of banana and yogurt, full of banana flavor even mashed up with yogurt. Tiramisu is a MUST if you fond of alcohol flavored ice cream. Very flavorful and rich with a light percentage of alcohol, tasted like a rum ice cream. 

Banana Yogurt


Dark Chocolate

Gelatomio offers fresh made Gelato, all made from 100% natural ingredients and strictly no animal fat, co colorings, no artificial flavorings, no preservative and no gelatin! Their non-alcohol ice cream flavors are Halal-certified so no worries for the Muslims. In addition, the milk based ice cream average 95% fat-free while the water based ice cream is 99% fat free! This brand carries more than 50 flavors, providing customers with wide range of selections. 

Wide range of selection inclusive of fruits sorbet!

Choose your favorite flavor ice cream here!

What is Gelato?
"Premium ice creams made with fresh cream (not condensed/powdered milk), real eggs, and natural flavorings.Quality ingredients aside, lesser ice creams also have more air whipped in . As much as half the carton may be air, in fact. More air or overrun meaning softer ice cream that scoops more easily and melts more quickly. Premium ice creams have very little air added and gelato has no air added at all. (There's a minimal amount of air that is incorporated naturally because of the churning process.)"

Try Gelatomio, the traditional Italian ice cream today if you have not try any! 

Gelatomio spotted at First World Plaza, Lot No F/L2.C9, Level T2

Overall, the ice cream gives a full flavor taste and more important low fat which suits ice cream freak like me! 
Price : 7/10
Service : 6.5/10

Join their FB page and get updated! Check em out at the nearest outlet to get your ice cream fix!

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