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Malaysia Online Reality Show- 'Truly A Shopper'

Shopping! Who doesn't love it? It is a satisfaction fix for everyone. Ok, not everyone loves shopping but most of them do, I suppose? Well, here you are-> 'Truly A Shopper', a Malaysia online reality show that puts the spotlight on nation's favorite past time, it's SHOPPING! Who wouldn't love to indulge in retail therapy moreover a paid-for shopping trip? Yes, Truly A Shopper reality show is a paid-for shopping trip! Their mission is to search for the country's most skillful shopaholic, winner will walk away with RM10,000 in cash and RM5,000 worth of prizes, earning him/ her the bragging rights to the title- Truly A Shopper. Thus, together with Tourism Malaysia, the show celebrates the art of spending in the name of fashion and all things money can buy, seriously! 

On March 2011, audition was held calling for fashionable, extrovert and self-proclaimed shopping addicts for the unique reality competition. 24 potentials will be selected before the judges leave it in the hands of the public to vote for the 12 "Shoppers", the chosen ones who will embark on the next stage of Truly A Shopper.

The 12 shoppers will undergo tasks that challenge their shopping skills, where factors such as budget, strategy, discount, taste and fashion will be put to the test. Spanning six episodes from April to June 2011, the panel of judges will decide who deserves to stay/ leave each week, as only 4 Shoppers will qualify for the final task. 

This reality show not only focuses on the Shoppers but viewers as well. Viewers of the show will have the opportunity to take part in the weekly contests to win shopping vouchers. Viewers can take part on the 3 contests as below:-
Most You:nique Photo Contest
Alliances Bank Malaysia Berhad- the official card and sponsor of cash prizes for the reality show on shopping is the only bank in Malaysia that allow you to personalized your credit/ prepaid card with your own photo. Just share your creative idea and win some cash in return. Follow the simple steps below and stand chance to win cash prizes:-

~Send in your Most You:nique Photo to with the title Most You:nique Photo Contest and the admin will do the rest. 
~Once your You:nique Picture Card is upload, get your friend to "Like" our Truly A Shopper Facebook page
and "Like" your You:nique Picture Card. 

Top 5 with the most "Like" will win Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM200 & Top 6-10 will win Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM100.

Rules & Regulations: 
1. Please make sure you are the owner of the photos.
2. The file size of the photo must not smaller than 1MB.
3. Please provide the following infos for the contest entry: Full name, IC No., Name to be printed on the Card & Contact No.
4. Contestant must be at least 18 years of age or above. 

Closing date: 15th June 2011

The Big Eyes Get "The Big Mouth" Contest
If you've watched the show, make sure you got the BIG EYES! ^.^ Simply choose 1 set of questions from 6 webisodes and send your answer to now. Every 10th entry with the correct/ best answers will walk away with a Meal Voucher from The Big Mouth worth RM48.80! Click here to view the questions for every webisodes. 

Funniest Video Contest
Unleash your creativity and share some funny shopping experience to stand chance win some cash prizes! Create a video clip and tell us why you think you are Truly A Shopper!

-Length of video should not be longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
-Please do not include any copyrighted music or footages into your video.
-You may speak any language but make sure to provide us with English subtitles.
-Please do not include any foul language.
-You can create as many videos as you like, however you are only entitled to 1 prize.

Stand chance to win: 
-1st Prize: Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM500
-2nd Prize: Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM300
-3rd Prize: Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM200
-Consolation Prizes: Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM100 x 5

Create your videos and upload them to youtube/ facebook and just send the link to today!

Closing date: 15th June 2011

Hosts of Truly A Shopper are:-
Famous TV Host- Belinda Chee 

2 of the judges are:-
Fashion guru, Gillian Hung

Catwalk guru, Benjamin Toong

The show has come to the finale round where final judgement will decide who will be the winner. A live result show will be reveal this week at Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur. See you there!

Stay tune!

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