Monday, August 1, 2011

Moo Cow @ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City

I believe many of you heard about froyo/ more known as Frozen Yogurt. There's many different brands out there, Tutti Fruitti, Snogurt, Kindori, Spoon, etc. I believe apart from the craze over macarons and cupcakes, froyo has it's own hits too!! So here am I trying out the Moo Cow froyo at The Gardens Mall, MVC.

Moo Cow! I know am a bit outdated late to try this out. But never too late to do so right? So happen to be dining at Fong Lye and heard "Mooo...." like every 15-30mins once. Since I've not try it out ever since Moo Cow open it's outlet at The Gardens Mall, it becomes my after-dinner-dessert!

Voila! Original flavor of froyo + free topping. We chose the corn flakes for topping! Yummeh! Frankly speaking, it's been awhile since my last nom nom on cornflakes! Hmmm, when I was a kid? LOL!

Spotted this at the counter! How to get that Moo Moo t-shirt? Click HERE to find out!

Looook! For only RM9.90! U get such big cup of froyo (ori flavor)! Generous amount of froyo with cornflakes! Me likey! By the way, you can add on more toppings with just RM1 each!

Mooooo! So gooooood! It is now one of my favorite froyo cravings! Gonna go back sample out more soonish!

So, if you are fancy of some low-fat delicacy, try Moo Cow the froyo! Not too creamy/ feel disgusted after savoring as it tasted abit sourish!

I like how they market/promote the Moo Cow froyo! Am actually attracted with the Mooo sound. Have you ever heard cow Mooo-ing in a mall? Haha, that's right!! Moo Cow does that! A good ones!

*Many apologies as I could not take more pics coz my phone running out of power! Urgh! Shall take more pics and provide more details in my next post on Moo Cow!! Promised! 

Moo Cow (Located on 3rd Flr, right in between Sushi Zanmai & Fong Lye Restaurant)
Lot T-K02, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall, 
Mid Valley City, 
Kuala Lumpur. 

Food : 7.5/10
Service : 7/10
Pricing : 7.5/10
Ambiance : 8/10

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