Monday, August 15, 2011

Ben's @ Pavilion, KL

 If you read my previous post on Ben's, need no introduction on what is Ben's all about again.

So here am I at Ben's (Pavilion Outlet)

It was a uni-mates gathering dinner, simply chose this venue for I never try this outlet before. Hoping for a better hospitality and good food of course, in Pavilion. I know this sounds lame but bad service actually turns me off regardless of good food or great environment. SERVICE it is!

Who says picture don't talk! They do yo!
My all time favorite tea from T2. Tried Lemongrass & Ginger and wow! Yummeh! Pleasant aroma of lemongrass with ginger spiced up the taste of the tea. *loves*

Lemonade. But..with soda water. *scratch head*

Chunky Mushroom Soup. As the name goes, Chunky! Yeah, u got chunks of mushroom comes in the soup. Mind you, this is no canned soup like you used to have. Btw, this soup comes with a slice garlic toast and truffle oil. So don't get shock with the oil u notice on the bottom of the soup. 

The toast looks burnt, yeah it is. But it still taste great paired with the mushroom soup! *enjoy biting chunks of mushrooms!*

Here's my main course : Quiche Lorraine (with beef bacon and caramelised onions). Side serve with fresh salad. Consume when it is serve hot, you might feel disgusted(jelak) if consume it after a while. Overall, the beef bacon compliments well with the cheezy-like texture. Too full to finish it up but you deserve for what you pay! So it comes in generous portion. 

Pesto Spaghettini (with home-made basil & pinenut pesto, add chargrilled chicken). I sampled a bite of the chicken. Yummeh! Am not a big fan of chicken but I do love this. 

Spaghettini Carbonara (with beef bacons, mushrooms and cream). You might want to share with your friend as it is quite "jelak" to finish them alone. Anyway, the plate was good not great yet. Prefer it not to be too "watery". 

Love the cozy ambiance, best for small gatherings!

What I like the most of Ben's? LEMON! Shall try their Lemonade on my next visit! I mean the real Lemonade! *no gassy stuff ya*

Level 6, Pavilion KL, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

03- 2141 5290


Food : 7/10
Service : 6.5/10
Pricing : 7.5/10
Ambiance : 8/10

Picture credits: The Big Group

With Love, 


{erisha} said...

those food looks good :D i have a section where i blog about food in my blog too XD

Elaine said...

Hi Erisha,

Thanks for dropping by. Yup, the food were decent. Worth paying them.

Will do some blog hop later, shall drop by at yours too. :)