Friday, July 15, 2011

Ben's @ KLCC

Ola everyone, hope you guys are doing great! It's been awhile since the last FOOD post! Here's a food review for your reading today by the foodie me! *wink wink*

What's on this round? It's one of the cafe by THE BIG GROUP! I've heard alot of positive feedback on cafes owned by The Big Group and guess what? I manage to try one of the flagship cafes-> Ben's! 
Spotted Ben's when I'm hunting for a quick lunch in KLCC! Without hesitation, I quickly jump into queue as it was a lunch hour with lots of people pumping in!

Oh, spotted this when I'm waiting for a table. Ben's is on FB! LIKE them now and stay update with the latest....whatever! 

Queued for 20mins as it is full house at lunch peak hour, well I don't mind that since it has great ambiance (with chic decor) which I like it very much and most importantly they have good patience waiter serving us! While waiting, we were given menus to browse through what we like to have for makan!  A vast selection on the menu for you to study (with description) which definitely fit your taste bud, ranged from Asian to Western food offered at mid range prices. It took me 20minutes to decide what to have for lunch as I'm being greedy wanted to try them all!  I must say I love their menu so much! Presented in simple style and they are purely in hand-written form on a piece of drawing paper, I guess. 

Ben's Mission: "Building precious moments through food"

Undeniable, I'm big fan of English tea especially Earl Grey but I ordered Gorgeous Geisha instead! Obviously, I'm attracted with the name. At Ben's, they use T2 which is carry by Ben's General Food Store. You deserve for what you pay. Unlike some other places, paying at the same price but having the tea that you normally drink at kopitiam! 

Gorgeous Geisha of T2 suits my liking as it doesn't taste too heavy. Loves the light aromatic green tea and it comes with a tea pot where you can refill hot water if you want to. Not forgetting, Ben's tea serving concept is just like what I had in Delicious cafe, which comes with a piece of cookies. I had almond cookie paired with Gorgeous Geisha! 

Crispy Duck Confit Spaghettini with Sundried Tomatoes - A good combination of perfectly grilled duck confit with spaghetti in olive oil and onions. Duck confit was chopped into fine pieces and tasted crispy on the egde. To top that off, sundried tomatoes (my favorite) and pine nuts were added too! The dish comes in generous portion of duck confit! Told ya, you get what you pay! It was a big plate and I can't finish them, as the parent company's name goes-> The BIG Group! =)

Fisherman's Catch - Serve with breaded fish-fillet, home made bun, green slaw, lemon-dill tartare sauce & french fries. Mom selected this from the sandwiches category and she enjoyed it much! I always thought sandwiches come in small portion so I did not order that *kiasu lady here*

I got shocked when the dish served! Thick juicy fish-fillet on top of large piece of green lettuce! Look at the size of the lemon, where you can get such generous portion of food if not Ben's? Say me "long gas", again I'm telling you, you get what you pay! 

There are a lot more to try out on the menu, definitely go back for more! Too bad I am too full, else I will be trying out their desserts! *salivating*
Check out their website HERE

Suria KLCC
Lot 140, First Floor,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact : +603-2163 1655 

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Pricing : 7.5/10
Ambiance : 8/10

Verdict: If you prefer a quiet moment during your meal, do not go during peak hours. So, you can enjoy your meal without noise, et cetera.

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xiaopei said...

I want that spaghetti! Tempting tempting!

Elaine said...

Xiao Pei, r u Stephanie?

Haha, yep! Their spaghettini realy awesome! Let's do Ben's/Plan b. someday!