Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roberu iPhone Pocket & Ground Leather Tote

Obsession over leather goods are killing me by bits! Just so you know, I heart them much! Been looking here and there for genuine handmade leather goods (bags/purse/diary covers,etc). At last, I spotted this through hypebeast.com but.....read on!

iPhone Pocket from Roberu! It's premium leather!

"Roberu has been doling out premium leather accessories, from wallets to camera straps for years now, so it makes sense that they’ve chosen to continue their collaborative line with SILLY THING in order to advance their offerings even further. Their newest creation, an iPhone Pocket that can also be used as a card holder, is handmade in Japan from exquisite cowhide. Available in camel and black colorways, this minimally-branded accessory features stamped Roberu and SILLY THING logos and is limited in production. Ideal for those customers whose iPhones are in need of an extra dose of freshness, the Roberu for SILLY THING Pocket retails at $500 HKD (approximately $64 USD) and is available now through THINK SILLY."

Simple & Cool, aight?

Imprints of the brand


Ground Leather Tote (RP: HKD4080)

"As part of its limited edition Ground Series collection, Japanese accessory label Roberu has designed this luxurious leather tote. Featuring a butter-soft texture and raw finishing, the bag maintains its unique and original shade while offering shoulder length straps and a zip-up closure. Large enough to fit several of the necessary items including papers, magazines and a laptop, the tote also contains a hidden pocket for smaller accessories. Available in light and dark brown colorways, the bag is made-by-order only."

Available in light & dark brown. Generous size to fit A4 size thingy, magazines and laptop!

Finely made

Both items are available at Think Silly Store in Hong Kong! Kinda disappointing that it's not available in Malaysia. Want them so much that I e-mailed the person in charge and wondering if they would post to Malaysia! 

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In case you got no idea what am I talking about the leather thingy, check out ROBERU GROUND website!

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