Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Now That I've Said I Do" by WEVents

Many of you must be wondering about WEVents.

WEVents is a WomenOnlyMENotinvited social events oragnized by working women volunteers. The events are held in casual environment with the idea of bringing together working professional women for a fun evening. Women can VENT their opinions and thoughts freely, build connections and make new friends. Basically it is an event for women to let their hair down after a hard day's work and just be themselves!

Recently, I attended joined the WEVents team in their I DO event at Delicious Cafe, Marc's Residence. The event is a collaboration of Bayer HealthCare and WEVents. Basically a talk on marriage preparation and relationship thingy. The primary objective is to raise awareness and educate women on the practical aspects of marriage which include family planning, financial planning and relationship. It was fun joining the team and help out through out the event. Indeed a good experience!

Here you go with some pictures telling you what is I DO event all about :

Registration counter set up!

Goodies bag for our lady guests

Set up for the event

Lights deco in bird cage. Nice!

Refreshment for guests

Colorful flowers thanks to sponsors!

Desserts for the guests

Arrival of Xandria and mother. Xandria was friendly and I love her Herve Leger bandage dress much!

3 tier high tea nibbles!
Womens' social session!

Our emcee for the event: Agnes. A very friendly lady, miss her smile much! 

Our moderator (with microphone) Ms. Jeanisha Wan with invited guests/speaker: Xandria Ooi (who recently got married), Stephanie Chai of Wedding Guide Asia and Prof.Dr.Azurah (O&G Consultant)

Stephanie sharing with us on marriage & relationship topic even she is still single. Check out her website HERE!

One of the winners from lucky draw

Marry Factory, one of the sponsors. If you need any consultation or wedding planner, buzz me for their contact.

Like their pinkish designs. Well, it's women thingy after all!

Are you a BrideZilla?

Free magazine from Bridal Guide

Door gift

FB Page
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