Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Getaway Day 2 @ Penang Island

Rise and Shine, it's the second day at the island. Although it's a rush short trip, still able to get some shots.

Brekkie @ Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel

Favorite Croissant, although not the best but still taste good! 

A simple brekkie! Never expect good food from local hotels! 

Went to Queensbay Mall for a 2hour shop *another rush ones* big sigh! Hard to enjoy when you are "tumpang-ing" someone's car. Only manage to get a pair of heels from Forever 21 and no CNY clothes for this year. 
My first 4-inch heels! Am lovin it!!!

Nom nom time @ Lorong Selamat
Lunch at Kafe Heng Huat. Looks familiar? This is one of the famous places serving scrumptious CKT!

CKT@RM7. Read my previous post on Kafe HH's CKT here

The famous CKT at Lorong Selamat is at Kafe Heng Huat, operated by this lady who owns the cafe as well.The signature look of the lady who fried yummylicious CKT with big red hat!

Walked over neighboring stall and ordered Hokkien Mee.

A savory bowl of Hokkien Mee, RM3.50 (known as Prawn Mee in Ipoh). The bowl serves along with hard boiled egg, bean sprouts, small sizes fresh prawns, kangkung, slices of pork meat and a spoonful of chili paste to add the oomph of spiciness! The broth was good with the essence of prawns, guess it must be a long hour cooked soup with lots of prawn shells that makes the soup tasted that sweet! *thumbs up*

Oyster Omelette RM8, one of the favorite hawker food in Penang you would not want to miss it out! The Oh-Chien comes in generous serving of large oysters. Loves the gooey sticky texture, eggy enough and not too oily. 

 Fried Yam Cake RM3. It is crispy on the outside and soft in the inside, you can even feel the bites of yam! Dip with the chili sauce served along. Simply delicious!!

Say tata to beautiful beaches. 

Food : CKT (8/10), Hokkien Mee(7.5/10), Fried Yam Cake (6/10), Oh Chien (7/10)
Service : Overall, 6/10 
Pricing : CKT (5/10), Hokkien Mee (8/10), Fried Yam Cake (6/10), Oh Chien (7/10)
Ambiance at Heng Huat Cafe : 7/10

Consequences of having heaty food, down with ulcers. =( 


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