Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Bunny Year!

Happy CNY to all my readers! How's your CNY eve? My CNY eve was nothing much to shout about, just like a normal day to me. Earlier, I did not have any feeling of CNY until the fire crackers bomb-ing repeatedly at night! Been so boring for the whole day that I keep spamming over Twitter, spamming friend's FB wall, etc.

Probably it's the "sick season" where many people fall sick, included me! Ill since Sunday till now, but getting better with bad cough *cough cough*. Has been eating bread for the past two days until I got something from my neighbor!!
Home made Shark Fin Soup!

I know it's a sin to chomp it down but this is the first home made Shark Fin soup I ever had in my life! It's my first time having Shark Fin soup for CNY too! *don't count in those wedding dinner ones*.
Thanks to my neighbor who cooked it and gave us a big bowl to sample her very first time of cooking this. 
The bowl contains generous amount of ingredients such as fresh crab meat, salted egg, slices of ginger, carrots, porky, mushroom slice and the key ingredient-> Shark Fin!! The starch solution and chicken stock made a great combination with other ingredients bringing out a thick broth! Slurpppp! 

Biteful of fresh crab meat!

Dinner time! 
My second Lou Sang 

Favorite Home Made Chicken Floss Roll!! Curi makan 2 biji as am having ulcer, sore throat and cough. =(

Dad brought this along to the restaurant. As if this could cure my cough. :P

My fatty girl afraid of fireworks, wanted to come into the house. 

Anyway, once again happy CNY to all. Wishing everyone have a happy and prosperous Bunny Year, filled with abundance of wealth, health and joy! 

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