Friday, February 4, 2011

1st & 2nd Day of CNY

Well, nothing much special about this CNY except for I'm still ill. Tried to eat more while I can but FAILED! 
Everyone was eating non-stop during CNY, cholesterol level shoot high and should be gaining weigh but am at the opposite. 
Friends are all busy with families while my boredom is shooting high. Anyways, able to have some short gatherings with old friends but only for a real short period as I'm the CINDERELLA back in hometown. Pathetic~

But still more to catch up! Haven start visiting friend's house yet, timing matters. 
Left not much time in Ipoh before heading back to uni on Sunday but people are not confirming with the so-called gathering. Hope to gather with the old mates as this is only the time where all of them come back to hometown from outstation or overseas. 

Anyways, here is my 3rd Lou Sang on Day 1. 
3rd Lou Sang at Granny's place

4th Lou Sang back to Taiping @ Soon Lye Restaurant

Baby Abalone Shark Fin Soup
Really baby size abalone

Cutie Chloe, she likes me lot so do I! 

Yummy Pandan Cake made by grandpa's friend

At least something I could nom on..^^

Homemade Pietee

Just some short updates, stay tune for next post! Especially for ladies! 


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