Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Getaway Day 1 @ Penang Island

I know this is a late post for about a week but better late than never right? Headed up North on a weekend for some chillax moment. As usual, one must try out Penang's famous local food when you are invading the island. This is just a short trip, not much but foods and beaches say it all.

Mind you, Penang is not only famous with CKT and Laksa, they have the famous CHEE CHEONG FUN in the island too! Yes, it's CCF!! It is different from the KL and Ipoh version. The Penang version CCF always serve with "Hae Ko" (Prawn paste) which still acceptable for me. Frankly speaking, am not a big fan of CCF and never be! But this CCF changed my mind, it is out of the ordinary! This is the second time I had CCF at the island, which I would love to come again!! Compared to my first try on my previous post, I would prefer this as it is the BEST CCF I ever had!
Small plate (2 rice noodle rolls) RM1.80, Large plate (3 rice noodle rolls) RM2.70

CCF RM1.80. The silky rice noodle rolls were magically slathered with thick sweet sauce, chilli sauce and well-seasoned with sprinkles of grounded sesame seeds. The sweet sauce was an ingeniously mix of "hae ko" (prawn paste) with peanut butter. First try on a peanut butter taste of CCF and it's awesomely good! The combination of sauces was perfect! I want more peanut butter version of Chee Cheong FUN!!

Spotted some newspaper ads placed at the stall itself, I assumed it must be one of the famous ones from this coffeeshop. 

Another mouth-watering localities-> Curry Mee RM2.50. Notice that black thick paste on the spoon? It is some dark chilli paste to add spiciness but failed coz it is not spicy at all! The color of broth might look slightly lighter than the usual but upon mixing the chilli paste, it turns out reddish and maintaining the fragrant of coconut juice. The curry mee comes along with cockles, coagulated pig's blood, fresh medium sized prawns and tau pok.

Char Koay Teow (CKT) at the same coffeeshop as well. Nothing much to shout about on this CKT. It tasted dry and oily

Kedai Kopi Genting Cafe
Lorong Delima 3,
Island Glades, Penang. 
(At Greenlane Area)
Opening hours : 7am-7pm

Food : CCF (8.5/10), Curry Mee (7.5/10), CKT (5/10)
Service : Overall, 6/10 
Pricing : 8/10 (It is cheap and affordable as it is a normal coffee shop)
Ambiance : 4.5/10 (Can't expect for cozy or clean environment as it is purely a coffee shop)
*Verdict : Go early as it will be damn packed during lunch hour, you might end up sharing a table with unknowns. They have limited seats! 

Stay tune for the 2nd part! 


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