Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food Tour @ Penang Island

*Sorry for the late post

Craving for local delicacy, therefore headed up to Penang Island for a half day food trip. Sound crazy? Not at all, tagged along the "makan kaki(s)" and here we go. The only disappointing one was the weather, raining all day long or gloomy weather throughout our journey. Or else, we could drop by the beach side.

Anyways, let's move on to the FOODS!! We were heading to Nibong Tebal for the famous Seafood Porridge, unfortunately the shop were closed for two days. So, headed to the island for our lunch! Everyone's stomach start growling, we have to locate the shop for food, plus all the traffic jams at the island. We had our lunch/brunch at 1pm+, hungry max!!

Penang is always full with people everywhere, cars are everywhere, hardly get a proper parking. But this is Penang, the famous spot of major attraction for tourist. 24/7 crowded with madness traffic!!

First station: Kafe Heng Huat @ Lorong Selamat.

Our first plate was the Penang island famous Char Koay Teow(CKT), flat rice noodles fried with prawns, eggs and cockles. We had it at one of the famous CKT shop at Lorong Selamat, Georgetown.  The CKT at Heng Huat comes with large prawns and cockles, tasted abit spicy but that is optional whether you want it to be spicy or not. We were delighted over the sumptuous CKT, it is smooth and infused with umami flavor of prawns. The CKT at Heng Huat has the elusive "wok hei" and delectable flavor. It is flavorsome with big, succulent juicy fresh prawns. Price ranged from RM6.50(small), RM7(medium), RM9(large).
The large plate at RM9! It is expensive for a plate of CKT, moreover it is just a hawker food. But just once in a while :P

Other delicacy from neighboring stall:
 Yam cake
 Fried Oyster/Oh-Chien/Oyster Omelette RM12. 
One of the famous hawker food, Oh-Chien in Hokkien, is a combination of rice flour batter, chives, egg and the main ingredient->oyster, fried in flat griddle over high heat.  Love this plate as the oyster is huge in sizes. It is juicy, simply delightful!

 Carrot cake, crispy on the outside, smooth and sweet on the inner part. Dip with the chili sauce and here you go, YUMMY!!
Chee Cheong Fun(Rice sheet rolls), my very first time encounter with such special Chee Cheong Fun. The Penang style CCF served with prawn paste(Hae Ko in hokkien), topped with sprinkles of sesame seeds. Albeit it was weird on the first try, but you will definitely fall for it! A friend of mine said the Hae Ko sauce tasted like Rojak sauce. Anyways, it is still acceptable for me. 

After filled with all the yummies, it's time for DESSERT! Omg, am full to max but since we are already in Penang, we just stuff ourselves with FOODS. 
Next station: Teowchew Chendul @ Lebuh Keng Kwee, Off Penang Road.
Next hunt is the famous dessert stall, Teochew Chendol, one of Penang delicacy. It consist of strips smooth green pandan noodles made from rice flour, red beans, coconut milks and shaved ice, topped with malacca sugar syrup.
Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul, no idea why it is Chendul instead of Chendol. :P
NOTE: There are 2 stalls, look for the one adjoining Joo Hooi Cafe. 
Priced at RM1.80 per bowl, if you are having it beside the road. If you prefer to sit than stand, you can always walk into Joo Hooi cafe to have it with a surcharge of RM0.50 per bowl, sums up to RM2.30 per bowl. 

Do some window shopping at 1st Avenue, a new shopping mall at the island. It is still new, not fully open yet, just few shops but still manage to walk around. *psst, for better digestion*. 
 Spotted this shop, cute!

It's dinner time! Had our dinner at Yi Garden Coffee Shop, another famous place for hawker foods! 
It is located at corner of Lorong Selamat and Jln Macalister, right across Sin Chew Daily's office. Only open at night. Closed on Sunday.
Yi Garden Coffee Shop, 150 Jln Macalister
Business hour: 6pm-1030pm

I ordered the dry form Wantan Mee, RM3.50. The Wantan Mee in Penang always topped with Char Siu/BBQ Pork unlike Ipoh version, where you have to order them, or else you will be given the normal ones without any Char Siu. The dry form Wantan Mee at Yi Garden served in soy sauce, sesame oil and mushrooms, topped with barbecued pork and vegetables. By the way, it comes with 3 big wanton, made from minced pork meat and minced prawn, hidden at the bottom. The thin and yummy egg noodles have the elasticity and bouncy to bite. Love it! 

Fried Lala/Clam.
Our second plate of Oh-Chien. The Oh-Chien at Yi Garden was nice as well, but the oyster comes in small size. Anyway, it still remain the freshness of oyster. The fried oyster is crispy at the edges, starchy in the middle with right amount of starch solution to hold ingredients together. 
Venison Noodle/Pan Mee, RM4.30. The deer meat was well cooked in some herbs until it is tender, served with pan mee or handmade wheat flour. Shall have this bowl on my next trip and we will talk more about it! 

Till then, AdiĆ³s!

Happy New Year to all!


thenomadGourmand said...

Ohh.. u remind me of Pg again! ;)
But in KL also hv good cKT. Hv u tried any?

Kevin said...

Nice food! *Drooooooling*

I always like eating, lol :D

elaine-mia said...

Hi Rebecca, good CKT at KL? Where about?

Bro, seriously? we shall jalan2 cari makan someday.