Monday, December 27, 2010

Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant

Paid my second visit to this German Restaurant again after it's opening on October. Been missing the food so much! Thanks Jason for the invite. 

The menu

Bavarian dining with wooden benches and leather seats. Well decorated with Christmas tree before eve.

Love the arts on wall

Another eye catching deco 

Ordered Brotzeitflade Speck (Spicy Bacon Pizza), RM30. A thin crust fladenbrot with roasted bacon, onions, vine ripened cherry tomatoes, chili and mozzarella cheese. Better take it when it served hot from kitchen, the thin crust was crunchy enough with a little bit spice only. The portion can feed up to 2-3 adults.

Had some talks with Executive Chef Helmut and he offered us something special, out of the menu! Guess what, he is offering us a dessert from the Christmas Eve menu! Feeling so joyful to be the lucky ones trying out the dessert before hand. It is great to have this chance to preview on this chef made dessert for us. Million thanks to Chef Helmut. By the way, there is an article on Chef Helmut Murmann featured on Lifestyle magazine, Dec issue. Click here to view the article!

Tadaa!! Here it is-> Erfrischung, a refresher before main course. Made up of fruit sherbet with chilled gluhwein. Wondering how he made this, he told us how he did this. Chef Helmut was so kind and approachable, he never reject from answering questions. He always have a wide smile towards customers and totally a zero egoism person! Enjoy the conversation with him.

According to Chef Helmut, Erfrischung is a combination of spice wine, cinnamon, lemon, orange and some sugar. So the taste is came from such simple ingredients where you can simply get them from grocery stores. If you don't have any spice wine, whisky can be the replacement too. Spoonful of sherbet melted in mouth following with the combinations of wine, AWESOME! I want more! This is such a great boost!

Chef Helmut introduced us another dessert from the menu. He said it was white chocolate mousse. I was like : OMG! Because am afraid of the sweetness of white choc! But he convinced me I will like it. Jason told me it looks like ice cream. Am more curious on this so-called white chocolate mousse dessert. Ordered!

Here it is-> Schokolademousse, white chocolate mousse with forest berry sauce, topped with pistachio nuts. The little glass was filled with white mousse and some berry sauce in the bottom. At my first sight, I really thought it was ice-cream! When I spooned over and dipped the berry sauce, it did not melt like ice-cream did! Okay, it was after all a white chocolate as mentioned. It never melt in the mouth rather chewy! Yes, it is chewy and not that sweet! The berry sauce was well done as it is not that sour as what I expected. Realized that German's dessert always made a good combination with plum/berry sauce. Never too sour or too sweet. It suits my liking! 

Since I am dining at a German bierhaus, should not miss out the good beer! German food+German beer=AWESOME! Ordered a 0.3litre Affensaft, Weissbier (wheat beer) with mango juice. Yummy!! To be frank, am always anti beer because beers are always gassy for me. But Brotzeit's fresh brewed beers changed my mind! I love Affensaft! It taste great and not gassy at all! Prolly I love mango juice, that's why am falling in with the Mango flavored Affensaft. They have banana flavor too! Gotta have more Affensaft on my next visit to Brotzeit! 

Since Christmas just 2 days to go, Jason bought some cup cakes for Brotzeit's staff. Again, am lucky to have this opportunity to share the joy with them. This box of cute cup cakes were brought from Wondermilk. They are too cute to be eaten. Chose Snowman for myself, cute max! 

It is my pleasure get to know the boss of Brotzeit, Mr. Mohan Cheong. He is a great boss to be! He is a friendly person, attentive to each and every one of his customer. He is the boss and the waiter as well. He is definitely a good leader, taking order, clearing up tables, etc. Although he was busy walking around and helping out, he still came to our table and say hi. Saw him clear off some tiny dirts/dust from a table, I was like: Wow! This is super-excellent! Not every boss of  fine-dining restaurant can do this. 
He has 2 juniors, which are good helpers as well. Leanne, the daughter was a very cute and funny girl. Nice to talk with and generous enough to lend a helping hand. Chris changed into waiter uniform and start helping at the bar. They are great, providing good hospitality. Bravo!!

Drop by Brotzeit, the Bavarian fine-dining restaurant anytime for awesome food and great beers! You can also call up for reservation on any occasion, be it a birthday party, gatherings or luncheon, etc. It is located at Mid Valley Megamall, if you are exhausted from your shopping, hit Brotzeit for some thirst quencher!

Address: Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant Malaysia,
              G(E)-018, Ground External Floor, 
              Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City,
              Lingkaran Syed Putra, KL.

Contact : (6)03-2287 5516
Business Hours:  Mon-Thurs (11am-12am)
                          Fri-Sat       (11am-1am)
                          Sunday       (11am-12am)

Food 8.5/10
Service : 9/10
Pricing : 7/10
Ambiance : 7/10


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