Monday, December 27, 2010

Ashton-Ashton, De Garden, Ipoh

Ashton? Sounds familiar to you? Yeap, it's Amber Chia's baby boy's name! But chooop!! It is Ashton-Ashton, a newly opened boutique at Ipoh's new hang out zone->De Garden.

It's been 6 months away since my last shopping, I mean a REAL shopping! Since nothing much I can get from Jaya Jusco, Kinta City, made up my mind to find out what is the most recent boutiques available at De Garden. De Garden is a new place for hang out where most people will drop by to have their meals or walk around looking for gadgets or a small shopping at boutiques. Anyway, let's get into the topic!

Found out a new boutique on the ground floor, the decoration attracted me into the boutique. Upon stepping in, Christmas sentimentals were being played over and over again *it was a Christmas season*! This might sound weird to you but I walked to the counter once get into the boutique. Spotted some classy, stylish and adorable accessories->Rings. Since am looking for them, am gonna grab some home! The lady boss was generous enough, serving us with a great hospitality. Oh yeah, she is originally from Taiwan! All her stocks in the shop was imported from both Taiwan and Korea. Tried and tried on several rings, made up my mind to get a few with me. They are voguish and dashing enough, it might look harsh or huge but hey, this is the TREND! Got my favorite Owl, heart shaped ring, etc.

By the way, spotted some cute little thingy at the counter as well. There are varieties of perfume which comes in miniature sizes. It can be the best cute gift for your loved ones or just get them for collection! Each of them cost at RM39.90 only! The lady boss reminded us that those are not counter-feited products, they are the original perfume flew in to Malaysia all the way from Taiwan.

Collections of the itty-bitty perfumes

Walked around the boutique and too many things caught my sight especially those accessories stuff, irresistible! Although I wish to get them all home with me but must have good control over allurement!!
 Accessories ranged from earrings, necklaces, hair bands and pouches were placed in the center with old style lamp, vintage mirrors and some others British like decos. 

 Earrings brought in from Korea

Clothes were well fold and placed on the couch, the clothes were abit pricey. 

Anyway, the concept of the boutique is of contemporary, vintage and authentic. It is well decorated with the light chandelier, delicately trimmed with crystal glass droplets on the ceiling, which brightens up the shop with cozy feelings.

The shop were well-furnished with some English home decoration such as the sofa(s) and mirrors, which highlighted on the latest vintage trend. Overall, the boutique creates a homey and comfortable feeling to the customers who walk in to their shop.
Necklaces placed on the Laura Ashley English style sofa

 Accessories, clutches on the rack. Love the antique mirror on the wall

 Antique Romantic Mirror, love it so much!!

Over the counter
Awwww~ Cute little thingy

Drop by at Ashton-Ashton, De Garden if you are looking for fashionable, contemporary clothings and accessories. There are new stock in store every two weeks! Like their page here! Ciaoz~ 

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