Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Total Fearless with Furless!

Totally Threesomes! I was first attracted with the color and without thinking twice, I told myself I want to try this no matter what it is. Paused for a while only realized it was a waxing salon but fret not, coz I've tried once before (leg waxing) so am not afraid/shy of it. 

So I made an appointment with Furless and went for the treatment. When I was told that Furless is located at Jaya One, I go...what? I never seen this purple-ish shop even Jaya One is one of my regular hang out place. With the help of a security guard, I actually showed him the voucher without saying anything yet, he quickly pointed a direction to me showing me the shop located behind of Cosway. I bet many people lost their direction looking for Furless.

Anyways, managed to get to Furless, I was surprised to know the flower shop is no longer operating. There was no customers when I stepped in *jumps*, so I can take some snap shots *grin*. To my surprise, a staff greeted me calling my name! The feeling was great with a warmth welcome by the staff, in addition with such colorful sofa, I felt comfortable just like home. 

Before proceeding into the room, I need to know what kind of treatment I will be doing as I'm quite particular on waxing stuff coz I have a very sensitive skin. Am kinda nervous even this is my second time of wax because different salon gives different experience. So the friendly staff gave me a form to fill up, basically filling in your personal details and some questions in related to waxing/skin condition. 

Then, Aprel (the boss) told me I'll be having my wax down there! I go stoned! Totally speechless as I never experience any waxing down there! So nervous that I feel like wanted to back out but since am here, why not give it a try. Informed the staff my skin condition and I was told I can choose 4 different kind of waxing: Golden Triangle, Out of the Box, Striptease and Totally Furless! Now I know the meaning of Totally Furless. Aprel explained on the difference of each waxing and finally - Totally FURLESS! 

My therapist, Anne showed me to the room and explained on what products they use for waxing, the process, etc. I was given an antiseptic wipe with mild Lavender essential to clean the intimate area before proceeding with the treatment. Anne told me that for bikini wax, a pre-treatment / cleansing process must be done to kill bacteria and sooth the skin. She also assured me that in Furless, it is 20% less pain on bikini wax. Right after that, back into the room and Anne checked on my skin condition before proceed. Unfortunately, my skin was too sensitive and Anne advised it's not the right time to do it now as she don't want me to have the burnt feeling if I were to do it. So, we proceed with leg waxing as  it is time to strip them off!

Here's all the products/equipment for waxing treatment. Speaking of waxing, hygiene is the most important regardless pre/during/post treatment. Furless dispose each strip/tissue/wipe/stick after use to make sure everything is in it's highest hygiene.  

Products for pre and post treatment. 

Anne explained there are 3 different wax to treat different skin condition: Long hair, short hair and very sensitive skin.

Before strip wax, Anne applied a layer of Jasmine oil to protect the skin followed by roll on the warm/hot wax, keep on asking if I am comfortable with the temperature. Then, she was very gentle in stripping as to make sure the pain is minimal. Well, she's right, pain for leg waxing is 30% lesser. 
Anne was so detail making sure my leg waxing is totally Furless as she will use tweezers to take off short hairs. During my leg waxing session, I saw stain of blood coming out from my skin pores and I was shocked. Anne calmed me down telling me it is common and applied soothing gel right after the strip wax.

The final step after soothing gel is to roll on with a cold machine. This is to minimize the itchiness and pores tightening. As I have a very sensitive skin, the skin of my leg actually goes red with large pores showing up and I felt like scratching them. Right after the cold treatment, I felt much better and less itchy. 

Continue with the back of my leg...

The whole session takes only 15-20 minutes comprises of pre to post treatment. Felt so good that my skin is back to smooth and furless!
The NO-NO after waxing:
~Do not apply lotion for 24hours
~Do not scrub and shower with hot water

Furless also sell the pre & post wax products which is made from France. 

Furless not only provide waxing treatment to female but male too (except Intimate part). Kindly make an appointment with Furless if you would like to schedule a treatment session to enjoy fur-free, smoothilicious skin! 

Not to worry on the price as Furless offers a wide range of treatment with reasonable price and guess what, first timers will get a 50% off their bill! Definitely worth every penny with such good service from Furless!

Furless Waxing
21-M, Block B, Jaya One,
No.72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 PJ, Selangor.

Operating hours
10am-8pm, Mondays to Sundays

Email: customerservice@furlesswaxing.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/befurless
Website: http://furlesswaxing.com/

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