Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Favorite Online Shop : Doublewoot!

I believe many of you have heard of Doublewoot, if you don't know, please click/google it. :)

I am not a person who purchase stuffs from the web especially when it comes to clothing. This is mainly because of the quality and sizes that might look deceiving. Ok, I purchased a dress few years back and the quality was very disappointing. Now, I wonder where that dress went...

Oh well, I don't mind paying if it is a top notch quality piece and Doublewoot is definitely worth every cents!
I get to know about Doublewoot from Michiekins aka Michelle Ooi, the Malaysian fashion/lifestyle blogger. Spotted a simple yet gorgeous looking dress that Michelle wore to one of the fashion show. Now that I step out from the "stubborn me" and get a piece from Doublewoot.

Luckily it did not turn out disappointing, it was indeed good quality and reasonable price!
Victoria Chic Sheathdress in Turquoise! Major love with this piece! Best for work & outing.

It was surprisingly comfortable with thick cotton, rounded neck and hidden back zip. Perfectly fit! The quality came out unexpectedly GOOD! 

Actually spotted the red sheathdress but sadly it was all sold out like hot cakes! 

Doublewoot simply efficient! You will be receiving your goods in two days time without delay! Ever since the first dress which impressed me much, I've decided to peek at DW every now and then for their new arrivals!

Moving on to that, I got my second piece from DW! 

It's Edna Belted Duotone Skater (Fuhcia Skirt). This dress comes with a belt, simple and cute! That's what my colleagues told me when they see me wearing this dress. But I don't find it cute, rather lovely. 

 The dress made of top notch thick stretchable textured cotton comes in duotone colors!

I feel safe and secure with Doublewoot as quality was guaranteed and most importantly, they are very efficient in processing your goods making sure they reach on time at your door step!

Hop over to Doublewoot to view more of their dresses and make your order right away! Or, you can search them on FB-> Doublewoot

Happy Shopping!

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