Saturday, September 15, 2012

Qualities Men Should Have?

I was browsing Facebook's news feed while taking a break from work and I saw an interesting video titled "Are YOU the guy that girls (like ME)...WANT??". Along with the caption which caught my eye--- Qualities Men Should Have? Hmm, it's gonna be interesting! Ok, I know it's a common thing everyone would knows but deep down, do you really knows what qualities a man should carry? (I'm not saying I know very well what qualities men should have.) It doesn't matter if you are a female or male, but do click play on video below if you haven't already do so. I believe most of the people have watched this vlog posted by one of Malaysia's local model Felixia Yeap and some might got frustrated for what she had said. But hey, it's all about personal opinion, so chill k?

Apparently, girls are looking for someone perfect with model-like body, 6 packs, tall, handsome, rich, etc. Sounds a perfect package for a male partner to be? Yea rite, perhaps one or two lucky ones will have it OR you might have that in your sweet-land! Undeniable, back in those teenage days, girls like listing out what my BF have to be with those C's (cars, cash, condo, etc.) Oh well, those are the days.

Come to think of it, which girl doesn't hope herself will have a perfect partner/bf/soulmate? But hey, there's no perfect individual out there, not me or you. In fact, the imperfect of an individual makes one perfect uniquely. So people, do not blame your partner for not being perfect for you, nothing fits perfectly.

Recently on my birthday, a male friend of mine had a conversation with me saying I should start looking for a BF and procrastinate no more. Well, am not in a hurry nor procrastinating. I can't deny that am very picky in selecting partner because that is who I am. It's not easy to get a BF and am looking at various aspect before getting one. First impression is always important as that depicts a men's personality, characters, qualities, etc that they possessed. Also not forgetting the feeling (especially first time meeting) that both parties had for each other.

To make this simple and short, I've short listed a few qualities I value in men:

  • Respect - Respect yourself and others regardless what or who they are. I believe parents do educate kids when they are young as this is the basic manners. Listening to others, even if you do no agree with it, at least that shows some respect from you. Also, every individual has a name so call it! It is such a simple common sense manners thingy and if you fail to do so, that's such a failure man! Now, respecting women.How many of you actually respect a woman? The most common ones would be a mother, I hope you really respect a mother as SHE is just so awesome who bears/do everything for you, she's a housewife, a mother, a wife, an employee, etc. And so, what about your partner/partner-to-be? It is amazing to know some men think of women as objects. It can be sex objects, slave, animals, etc. I saw man hitting the GF/wife, as if she's not a human. I heard stories of how women being treated as a sex slave, I saw employees being harassed by male colleagues, some got insulted/humiliated. Come on, what is in your mind? Aren't the women human beings? Ok, even the women are at fault for some reason, they still deserve a minimal respect. So, respect it is!

  • Responsibilities - I believe that every individual has their own responsibility in every aspects. Responsible to yourself in terms of personal finance, future, career and promises. Practice what you preached! Do not break promises or to be accurate, do not simply promise anything to your girl if you think you can't make it. Humans are emotional species, they have feelings so do not simply take them for granted. Be honest, faithful and have trust in a relationship. 

  • Confidence - Real men should possess confidence, wait, don't get me wrong. It's not self-egoistic or arrogance, you should know it right. Confidence stand out when men are self-aware and self-assured of their capabilities and knowledge. As such, men earn trust and respect, they shine too!

  • Physical Attraction - Like I mentioned earlier, first impression plays a crucial part which inclusive of a physical appearance of men. Ladies, you do not want men appear to be in a mess and smells stink right? Men should at least groom themselves looking clean and tidy (the basic). Personally, I have male friends do manicure, waxing and facial and I respect them for putting in effort grooming up themselves (they are not gay ok?). With a clean and neat self-grooming, it actually helps enhance your social circle, career, etc. Personal outfit too, plays an important role. Dress smart, it shows your confidence too!

  • Personal Hygiene - Speaking of hygiene, am very particular on how men actually take care of their personal hygiene. I encountered men with ugly dirty nails, smelly socks & clothes (I bet that's from sweats accumulated for days), ewwww I just can't stand guys with all that! Sorry to say but don't you think men should have basic personal hygiene practices? Trim your nail, change your clothes daily and put on some perfume. At least when you are going on a date, you smells good and girls will not refrain from standing closer to you. 

  • Ambitious - You might said am a workaholic and thinks am a mad lady with no social life at all. Only if you know what drives me to be, you will not say that. Personally, I prefer guy with high ambitious looking to achieve higher in life, that actually motivates me to work harder smarter in life. 

  • Perseverance - Guys who never give up in life is what I salute them most. Regardless of how many times of trial/failures, men with perseverance can withstand difficult circumstances and emerge stronger! 

Enough said. Are you the ONE?

*Disclaimer: Written above was all based on personal opinion, no offence to both men and women. Feedback/comments are most welcome. 

Yours Truly,

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