Thursday, June 9, 2011

'Truly A Shopper' Result Show!

The result for TAS has finally released! Guess who is the winner? Teo, Swing or Iva?



Well, the last episode which is episode 6 is all about the final 3 contestants namely Swing, Teo and Iva. They were asked to shop for their "true colors" at Pavillion. Watch how they shop with only RM500 in hand! 

The final result show was held at Celsius Bar+Restaurant, Fahrenheit88. Present was the judges and guests waiting impatiently for the result! Upon announcing the winner, Swing was lifted up by Teo. She was so happy , probably didn't expect herself to be the winner? But she did well and she deserve the title as "Truly A Shopper"! Teo did well too, I like him being very confident with himself regardless of the body size, he never feel shy to try on anything. He is indeed a very hyper-active guy! Iva came from Argentina and lived in Malaysia for many years. I like how she dress on previous episode, just like Marilyn Monroe. She did well as she doesn't want to be said that she follow Swing's style when struggling looking for her "true colours" clothes.  Anyway, she did well and I like how she match her orange-pinkish dress with the Turquois color heels! 

Congrats to the Malaysian First Reality Show-Truly A Shopper winner-> Swing Chan.

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