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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011 @ Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses.

Sorry for the hiatus caused. I know it's real late to blog on the JW Black Circuit Lounge but it is never too late to tell how awesome it is.

On 9th April 2011, the annual Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party was held in conjunction with the Malaysian Grand Prix Formula 1 Weekend, gathering KL's social elite on this auspicious event. The Black Circuit Lounge by JW was held at a specially set-up marquee aptly named Le Marquee at the Palace of the Golden Horses. Johnnie Walker transformed the Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses into the glamorous and stylish Black Circuit Lounge, an ultra-chic club lounge in the spirit of a Monaco VVIP race party, built from scratch.  I must say this is one of the hottest parties in Malaysia as it is graced by both local and international celebrities, bloggers and JW fans that all of the guests were given V-VIP treatment. I was among one of the many bloggers to have the pleasure to attend the star-studded event by Johnnie Walker. *Thx Mike* 

We arrived at 730pm although time stated in the invitation card is 8pm *abit kiasu eh?* Nahh, for the first 200 guests who register at the entrance will be entitle to limited edition door gift. Started to queue in line and we were the first at the line. Probably Malaysian always thought party never start that early and Malaysians timing is always half an hour late, the norm of Malaysians eh? Supposedly to enter at 8pm but delayed till 9pm, huge crowds waiting outside with big fan blowing the babes hair. Yes, ladies are complaining their hair got ruined, thanks to the strong fan blowing. Was abit irritated as we queued for more than an hour with high heels, make ups started to melt and hair got blown like "soh poh". At last, the door opened to the party people and everyone register themselves, partying the night away!

Pictures do the talk!
The signature sign leading you to the Black Circuit Lounge @ Le Marquee

Entrance was flagged by German beauties (Porsches) and Italian beauties (Ferraris)

Camho while waiting to step into balck circuit lounge. Mike, Rachael, Wai Yan, Marilyn, Jason and Pricilla.

Wristband upon registration.

Tadaa! First 200 guests walked away with limited edition mini Johnnie Walker! We were the first to register! ^.^

Wai Yan, Mike, Rachael and Me. 

Photo wall shoot, more than 10 photogs shooting us as if we were the stars. =P

Ok, be fair to Mike. Cheezee...

Each tables are adorned with a bottle of JW Black Label, mixer and a box of ice cubes.

Unlimited free flow of Johnnie Walker all night long. Service was prompt! Once the bottle on your table is empty, waiters will refill you with another bottle! 

Upon stepping into the black circuit lounge, we were greeted by World Class Bartender Amanda Wan and Chong Yi Shawn asking us: "How do you want your Black Label?"

Amanda delivers two signature cocktail: Red Smoke & For Romeo

"For Romeo" is a total yum as it brings some lychee sweetness flavor!
"Red Smoke" comes with a flavorful of fresh red apple juice. Both cocktails combined well with the whisky and deliver a kick-ass flavor! Awesome cocktail I ever had!

Chong Yi Shawn playing with mixies too! 

We tried only one which is the BC L.A.B.E.L consist of lemon & lime juice. Sweet & sour taste-like as it has black currant jam included! Asking for more!! :P

Waiters serve cocktails too in case you need more!

Guests were treated to nibbles (finger food) : spoonful of finely chopped salmon with tomatoes, pastries with tunas and chocolates! Notice the chocolates in the middle? We took plates by plates instead of pieces! LMAO!

Our very own Malaysian sweet heart DJ Faith starting off with awesome remix!

DJ Sophia Lin all the way from US plays house music and start her jam with Black Eyed Peas' remix "Time of My Life"!

DJ Sophia Lin with bunny! 

Huge crowd of partygoers! It is indescribable HOT! I mean literally hot!

DJ Bento from Japan plays to the end till 2am! He is awesome! Download DJ Bento's Live @ JW Black Circuit Lounge here!

Emcee of the night: Hannah Tan & Dominic Lau (from Hong Kong)

Lewis Hamilton appeared on the big screen saying that he felt sorry couldn't join the party as he has to rest early for the race next morning. 

With Ashleigh! I love her purple hair, some call her the Malaysia version of Rihanna! LOL!

Pricilla, Jason, Melanie and Me.

Pricilla & Me

Advertlets babes!

With Pricilla on the Black carpet dance floor!

Marilyn & Me

Never Drink & Drive , Keep Walking with Uncle Johnnie.

What I've got from JW? DJ Sophia Lin's autographed CD, Limited Ed mini JW Black Label, JW Necklace as passport for entrance and a small piece of door gift. 

Photo credits to Jason. Lomo-fied!

It was indeed a great and hottest party ever in town! The only down side was the air conditioning!! Everyone was complaining HOT and melting! But the people, drinks and music live it up! =)

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