Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blink-ish iPhone Casing Reviewed!

Blink-ish iPhone casing? You can tell that is a very common accessory available everywhere, but I can tell you this is solely handmade where each stone/crystal is place onto the surface of casing one by one. You can say, oh well, I can get it at any phone accessories stall/shop. Yes you can, but what about the price? So, if you are looking for affordable and fine quality of blinky-like phone case, continue reading!

"Lovely Blingz", an online mobile beauty shop selling D.I.Y handmade mobile phone casing. Well, this trend has been a big hit in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong but not Malaysia. Although there are other people doing this and selling them in Malaysia, but it is too pricey and not of good quality! I admit I'm a person who always seek for perfection outcome only! That's why I always turn my head off from those blinky accessories on shelf. 
There is only one person doing all the tasks from A-Z, she is a friend of mine. Her passion on beautifying gadgets, accessories and machines drives her to strive hard in expanding the business. Congratz to her as her business is doing well and expanding, getting orders from overseas such as Hong Kong! 
The mobile beauty trend is invading Malaysia!

I adore her artwork and therefore asked her to do me 2 of my favorite casing. She was busy handling countless numbers of orders but she still manage to deliver them to me on time! Well, she was on a short trip and promised to make it on time in 2 weeks time but to my surprise, she made it in 1 week time! I shall say this is very efficient! Although they are not using the high-end Swarovski stones (bcz it is too pricey), the outcome never disappoint me. But, you can demand for Swarovski stones as long as you don't complain on the price! 
My all time favorite print! Leopard in Champagne! The outcome deliver a touch of wild but elegant, classy style of Leopard print. What an unexpected ones!

Closed up!

Classic Chanel with Pearls!

Closed up!

If you wish to beautify your laptop, cameras, mobile phone, thumb drive, car, or anything else that you would like to add some "ohm" on them, never hesitate to contact Stefany at bling_steffy@hotmail.com or add her on FB. Not forgetting, you can send her a design of your own and she will do the rest for you. There is also a monthly album uploaded to FB in order for you to choose your favorite piece! 


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