Monday, May 30, 2011

"The Baster' a.k.a "The Switch" Movie

Just watched "The Baster" by Jennifer Aniston, one my favorite actress. Ok, the movie I downloaded was "The Baster" but google shows "The Switch". Probably there's a twist on the name. Nahh, whatever it is. It's a good movie I would recommend to all comedy/romance movie lovers. It's a 2010 movie, not new but you can still watch it if you haven't do so.

Here's the Plot Summary:
"An unmarried 40-year-old woman turns to a turkey baster in order to become pregnant. Seven years later, she reunites with her best friend, who has been living with a secret: he replaced her preferred sperm sample with his own.
Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) and Wally (Jason Bateman) are best friends. Being unlucky in love, Kassie has decided to have a child using artificial insemination. Wally doesn't like this idea, but he isn't capable of admitting to himself, let alone to Kassie, that he's in love with her. At Kassie's artificial insemination party, Wally gets very drunk and spies the sperm donor's sample in the bathroom. Wally was way too drunk to know what he did that night, and Kassie has moved away because she doesn't feel that New York City is a place to raise a child. Now 7 years later, Kassie has moved back with her son Sebastian. While she is looking to get Roland (the sperm donor) more involved in their lives, Wally can't help but notice the many striking similarities that he and Sebastian share."

Synopsis: JENNIFER ANISTON stars alongside JASON BATEMAN in this offbeat comedy as Kassie, a smart, fun—loving single woman who, despite her neurotic best friend Wally’s (BATEMAN) objections, decides it’s time to have a baby—even if it means doing it by herself… with a little help from a charming sperm donor (PATRICK WILSON). But, unbeknownst to her, Kassie’s plans go awry because of a last—minute switch that isn’t discovered until seven years later when Wally finally gets acquainted with Kassie’s cute—though slightly neurotic—son. From the people behind “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Juno” comes “The Switch,” due in theaters this summer.

Hmm, Roland's fluid! Wally gonna hijack Kassie's pregnancy!

Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) does the pouting misguided woman-child thing at 40-ish, a fabulously successful New York City television producer who yearns to also produce a child of her own and is financially comfortable enough to do so, but lacks a suitable male donor and has a biological clock winding down. Her best friend Wally (Jason Bateman), who has been secretly smitten with her for years but is too neurotic to say so, descends into a deep funk when Kassie appoints ready and able married dream guy Roland (Patrick Wilson) to provide his sperm sample instead. Here comes the female fertility gathering, sounds ridiculous but it is for the donor-> Roland. Wally gets drunk and accidentally spill Roland's specimen container into the sink when someone knocks the bathroom. The inebriated prankster proceeds to replace it with his own sample, while getting in the mood to do so by admiring a perky photo of—I kid you not—Diane Sawyer on the cover of a magazine.
 Roland (Patrick Wilson), the sperm donor!
Now, if you’ve ever groaned about all those movies where a character wakes up the next morning and can’t remember having sex with the sweaty body next to them, laying an even bigger claim in the sexual amnesia department is Wally having not the least recollection of getting auto-erotic and fathering this subsequent child, Sebastian. It takes a stranger on a bus remarking how the terminally grouchy kid (a scene-stealing Thomas Robinson) Wally is babysitting six years later has got to be his son to jolt the dad into deep denial’s radically faulty memory.

 Wally (Jason Bateman) with Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) at the park.

Watch the trailer and get some idea on what is THE SWITCH all about! 

Starring: Jennifer Aniston (Kassie Larson)
             Jason Bateman (Wally Mars)
             Patrick Wilson (Roland)
             Thomas Robinson (Sebastian)


Bryon said...

It was so sad to see Sebastian beat up after taking Wally’s advice. I can’t believe that the kid walked 20 blocks, that’s devotion. I couldn’t believe he still delayed telling Kassie that he’s the father. They really strung along things to the point of no return, which was causing tension, but I think they went too far. As much as the movies are these days I would rather rent a movie from rather than see them in the theater. I save so much money that we can do some other things besides stay at home like our favorite, miniature golf. I found this movie when I was browsing on my employee DISH account but there are thousands of movies to choose from.

Elaine said...

Hi Bryon, thanks for the comment. Well, this is the storyline. And true enough, I agreed Wally should tell Kassie the truth earlier, but story might end earlier if that happen. LOL!

Anyway, I agreed with you watching this movie at home as I only watch action movie at the cinema. =)

Good day to you!