Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hokkaido Ichiba Ice Cream @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City.

Am not much of an ice-cream fan but I do crave for it once in a while. Girls are always having the sweet tooth looking for desserts! *slurppp*

I am actually doing my shopping at the mall, looking for some stuff since it's the season of SALES. Crazy people conquered each and every corner of the mall. I started feeling grumpy as I dislike to squeeze with people and it is so damn pack at the mall! Am even sweating when I shop at my favorite outlet e.g. ZARA, MNG, TOPSHOP, MISS SELFRIDGE, etc. The crowd actually spoiled my mood and I couldn't find anything that suits me.

Out of sudden, Rebecca twitted me to join her at The Gardens to try out the Hokkaido ice-cream. Without further thinking, I dozed off to The Gardens. Hokkaido Ichiba is a japanese restaurant located on the third floor of The Gardens. Understood from Rebecca, Hokkaido Ichiba operates under the same management of Pasta Zanmai and Sushi Zanmai. Hokkaido Ichiba known as the "premium" one as their pricing is more expensive compared to Pasta/Sushi Zanmai.

Let's talk about the ice cream! They have a wide selection of ice cream and sherbets to choose from as well as the toppings. The pricing goes :
Single Scoop 40ml=RM3.80, Single Scoop 60ml=RM4.80, Double Scoops 40mlx2=RM6.80.

I chose the two scoops one as I wanted to try more than one flavor. Chosen my favorite Mango Sherbet and Black Sesame(Goma) RM6.80.Since I wanted to try only the ice cream, might as well try the authentic flavor without adding any toppings. The Mango Sherbet was a little too light in flavoring for my liking, prefer it to be sweet and richer in taste. The Black Sesame was rich in flavor, with bits of black sesame seeds, not too creamy and I love it! It scores better than Mango Sherbet. Anyway, I enjoyed every teaspoonful of velvety soft ice cream from Hokkaido.
You will not feel "jelak" of eating more as the ice cream comes in a very small scoop. Well, some might think that RM3.80 for a small scoop is a little too expensive but hey, you are savouring an imported ice cream. So it is value for money!

Later on, we had a second round of Hokkaido ice cream again as the Adverlets bloggers wanted to sample out the scrumptious Jap ice cream. Since we were so fascinated by the flavors available and there were 8 of us sharing, we decided to order the "Ice Cream Fantasy", with choices of 6 scoops of Hokkaido Ice Cream served on Waffle, RM23.80.
*Sorry couldn't recall the name for each of the flavor. Will update again soon! 

Here's a better resolution from Feeq.

A neat quiet place for you to enjoy your favorite scoops. Well decorated with simple furnitures and great ambiance. You can spend your leisure time here, be it reading, working or hanging out with friends. Love the atmosphere there as it gives a touch of comfort. 

Look! Uniquely decorated beautiful feature wall with different sizes of blocks. Indeed a great piece of artwork.

*I know am not photogenic =(*

Thanks to Rebecca for the photos and Alex for the shots. 

Address : Hokkaido Ichiba
               Lot T-201, Third Floor, The Garden Mall,
               Midvalley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
               59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2283 1060

Food : 6/10
Service : 6.5/10
Pricing : 7/10
Ambiance : 7/10


thenomadGourmand said...

Nice seein u again! hehe..
More desserts outings nx time! Rmbr our Melaka trip k!

elaine-mia said...

Hi Rebecca, am glad to join u in dessert outing.
Looking fwd for d Haute at Plaza Damas..*evils smile*
yea, V shall plan for d Malacca food trip.=)