Monday, January 17, 2011

Liese Hair Product

CNY is approaching, besides getting new clothes/bags/shoes, guess most of the ladies/gents wish to get themselves new hair color, dontcha?

If you are looking for affordable hair dye, continue reading to find out more!!
I got myself Liese Hair Color today at Watson for the price of RM37.80 (discounted price). Original price was RM39.XX. Since I got no time to sit for hours at the salon to get my hair a new color, thus getting the instant pack instead and do it myself at home. How lucky I am to have my great babes be with me and they lend a helping hand. *psst, they are the pros* 

Liese Bubble Hair Color "Chesnut Brown" RM37.80 per box

Massage foam into hair, and it transforms into thick, creamy foam! Even difficult to reach areas like the hair at the back of the head and the inner layers will be colored evenly and beautifully. Makes hair coloring fun with Liese!

Solution 1 & Solution 2 (to be mixed together)

The enclosed Nourishing Hair Lotion (use after dyeing)

 Mixture of Solution 1&2

Why Liese Bubble Hair Color?
Because it is simple and easy to use. One of the easiest instant hair color available in stores! "Bubble" here meaning the mixture came out in foam structure from the bottle, simply by squeezing the bottle and it will dispense the foam. 

How to use this so-called "Bubble" thingy?
No worries, it is the same as others brand instant hair dye products. 
1. Prepare the mixture just before using. (Mixing Solution 1&2)
2. Hold container in an upright position, squeeze the centre of the bottle and dispense foam onto gloved hand.
3. Apply a generous amount of the foam to dry hair and massage it into a lather.
4. Wait for about 20-30 minutes before rinsing.
5. After rinsing well, apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair.
6. After dyeing, apply the enclosed Nourishing Hair Lotion. Voila! You're done!

By the way, I bought Liese Wave-up Foam(Clear Wave) RM 28.50 from Guardian Pharmacy. It is specially formulated for permed hair. The strength ranged from 01, 02 to 03. I chose the strongest one (03), hoping it can hold my curls well with bouncy waves effect. 

After dyeing, I applied a sufficient amount of Wave-up Foam on my toweled dry hair following with blowing dry my hair. It gaves me a smooth bouncy waves and smells fruitylicious! *Feels like licking it* 
Well, I can assure you that it is perfectly done and I love the results!  
Click here for more information on Liese Wave-up Foam!

Note: Ladies with curly hairs who wish to have smooth natural bouncy curls, try out Liese Wave-up Foam now!

Where to get Liese Products?
Guardian, Watson and others supermarket/hypermarket.

For more infor about Liese, click here!

I bought 2 pack of Liese Hair Color (Chesnut Brown), now got EXTRA one. I am going to sell it for RM35, interested party please email me at :

Results (Bubble Hair Color) : 6.5/10
Pricing : 6/10
Results (Wave-up Foam, Clear Wave) : 8/10
Pricing : 7/10



FISH said...

Product Ambassador! hehe~ Liese Designing Jelly I im using..for straight hair...not bad too! most importantly, smells good and it wasn't sticky! (a lil sharing for you)

Elaine said...

haha, no la..js can't live without blogging. =P
The jelly? i saw it today but not sure wht is tht, do did not buy it.
Yep! The most attracting part of Liese product is the scent, lovely, fruity and sweet! Feels like chomping it alr!

Thx for the Jelly sharing..shall try it someday. Hugs~