Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Muffin-ish Life

Dare to Dream, Dare to Fail. Never stop dreaming, there's no harm dreaming and wanting for more. Life is short and unpredictable, go for them!! Kick start your everyday with Inspiration. Everything is Possible, only Yourself make things Impossible. Make your everyday a Productive and Happy ones. Satisfaction not only comes from material but Success from hard work and Smile from others. Life can be Complicated because human makes them to be that way. Life can be simple but human find it way too boring. Hmmm, confusing huh? Life is just a piece of cake! *psst, ilovemuffin!*

Anyway. that is what human nowadays going through. Some are crying over split milk, some are over joyed .... but I am satisfied and happy with who I am today. Big thanks to my parents who brought me up and always set strict rules on me. Yea...I am brought up in a very strict family. Guess what? I am a green-eyed monster over others for having great childhood. Being envious towards friends and neighbor's children because they can have party celebration with friends, shopping with best mate, putting over a night at bestie's home, go for holiday trip, etc. I do not have all these until I am in a University. Those days are hard ones but I hearted my parents although I do not have those happy days with mates. At least, I am well educated and well disciplined, independent enough on my own because parents no longer controlling like those days. But, I hope they will do that to me again for now, coz I prefer to be a potato couch at home than going out.
I had my life turning up and down for countless time, but thankfully I had great sista with me when I am away from home. There is still way to go in life, those downside of life all these while are just the tiny ones...more challenges ahead in life. Told myself repeatedly never look back but look forward, that is what people always keep me reminded with. *muffinloveme*

p/s: A small disappointment but you are forgiven. Like the sugary dream of you. ♥
      I love Muffin. Muffinloveme.

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