Wednesday, September 22, 2010


4 papers down, one more to go. I thought I will never feel the stress but I feel them now, or prolly results of lacking sleep? I doubt... Had only 1.5hrs of sleep in 2 days!! No idea how I get through such ridiculous period. Hate memorising and I am poor in memorising. Prolly that makes me feel boring, suffer and tired.

Past 12am, it's Mooncake Festival. Misses those days where we use to go back to Granny's place and pray till midnight, nomming on mooncakes and snacks, play with lantern and candles. Awww....miss it so much!!!
I miss mummy and home so much!!! Wish to be at home under such cooling weather, others are having family reunion while I am stuck at here looking at my notes. >grumpy<
Almost break into tears, is that stress or? I have no idea..simply feel moodless tonight which makes me miss home so much!

I never like BRANDS but I wish I could have one now, just to keep myself feel better for exams. I need coffee and it makes me miss Starbucks so much! Gotta look for coffee beans and brew them myself! Coming days will be tough ones, FYP+work during my semester break, it's awful!!!

A moody night makes me misses you as well. Hope you are doing well although work loads are piling up.

p/s: Replenishing my sleep!! Seriously need sufficient of SLEEP!

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