Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Shout Outs

Found this saying so true from an unknown author:
We must become the change we want to see.

To tell oneself YOU CAN & YOU MUST! Stay motivated and inspired all the time, never let the down side win over your potential of achieving any possible achievement someday. Undeniable, emotions rule over our mind at times but we can make a turn over against it.

At last, 2 papers down, 3 more to go. Never let the nervous feeling brew in me, always stay calm and relax. Never discuss the pass paper as you had already done n pass it up in the exam hall. You could not make any changes once papers are handed in. I prefer remain silent as I do not wish to look back what has been done, only looking forward for the results. I believe in FATE, if it is fated to be a good outcome, yay! If it's not, yay! as well and stay positive, hit a better ones in following semester.

Had a nice chat with cousins, brother, mom and aunty through FB today. It is my very first time having such short chatting session with them on FB walls. Feels good as we can always stay connected with family and friends through FB. To my surprise, my 80 year old grandpa has an FB account as well and having his own lappy!! Hard to believe but that is the truth, he knows how to use a Maxis Broadband as well. Next, he is going to learn how to use a webcam to keep in touch with SG's children and grands. Guess he is the oldest FB user on earth....*grin*

Realizing most of the men of all ages doing the same thing no matter they are having a partner or not. Happen to flirt around or should I say they are still looking for the mean to be soul-mate? Found it to be funny and ridiculous at times because they are seriously inviting laughter! Credits to these people because it shows the ugly side of a person and the ladies are learning something from it. Ladies out there*shouted*, always be suspicious and sensitive enough to yourself, friends, or partners for security.
*Note: Am not saying this to my best bro Kevin, my best buddie Eric and gangs. You guys are always the loved ones in me!!

Given hints and chances, but no improvements or changes being made rather getting worst! These kind of people are totally brainless, hopeless and no longer cure-able. It's their life, up to them to have a rotten, meaningless life! But, please consider others as well when there are always third party in the related area.
I know it is wasting time, energy and saliva to talk to such people, but still I want to shout out to them: BE CONSIDERATE AND FAIR TO OTHERS! 

p/s: Dear, thank you for the advice. I know exploding out in such a way is not the right way to handle things. Seriously thanks for the advice, sincerely appreciate it..   Sleep tight yea...*teddy hugs*

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