Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chillax Night with the Sista(s)

Had our hang out session at Ipoh, simple dinner and shopped around Jusco. Went for Ipoh famous Chang Jiang White Coffee as well. Funny thing here, I don't drink White Coffee but ordered Hot Milo. The waitress is funny enough, asked him what they have since "leong sui" finished, he told me "air suam". Am speechless as he did not get the jokes from Clee, coz she joked with him saying there's only air suam when I asked what they have. Ended up, the girls go for coffee and I opted for Milo. Seriously, I only had my hot milo at a kopitiam during my primary schooling days. After so many years, I had it again and I feel something weird but special.

Headed back to Kampar, Wei Wei suggested to have some candles light up as we missed out the Mid Autumn Fest night as everyone was having exams back then. So, we do a replacement for that at basketball court. Gosh, this is so soothing and calming when wind blows onto your face. This is seriously a nice one, love it so much! The night is so cooling that I wish to put up my night at the basketball court. Tadaa! Here's our love shape candles, tried for countless time just to light them up coz it is a windy night. Although the moon is not round and big enough, but it is a nice one as it shined around...indeed a nice one.

Peeps, I have no idea why  my picture rotated this way as I did not edit it at all. Due to the new upload system from blogger, I have no idea how it works, it just go weirdly. *psst, turn around your pc and take a look*

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