Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Anxious Saturday

*Late updates

Suffered from a severe insomnia which ended up did not sleep at all and went to Pantai Hospital with Mom and Bro for a medical check up. It's been 2 years since my last check up. I always hate it because they have to inject me and take 1 tube of my blood. But this time there's another consultation for me where I need to consult a Gynae. First time in my life at the age of 22, I am consulting a gynae and the nurse mistaken I am consulting the doctor because I am pregnant. FML. Waited for few hours before it's my turn, I have no patient waiting in a hospital, such a waste of time. In the mean time, bro went for his eye check at first floor. This is worst as he need to wait for 2hours plus before his turn. Never ever pop into a doctor when you are not making any appointment because you will only wasting time for waiting. Phew~waiting for the medical report to be release on Tuesday. Pray hard everything is normal.

Night, had my yum char session with leng zai Wayne. *nahh, now i mention you in my blog alr!* Leng zai Wayne is a successful builder with a fixed monthly income, he is currently a PHD student! Retire Rich, Retire Young! He always tell this to all his friends..=)

Happen to be only sleep for 2hrs, I was damn sleepy...Zzzz!

p/s: Hope to join you guys tonight, miss Phuture!!

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