Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Disappointment @ Kizuna Japanese Restaurant, Ipoh.

*Late update

Exams is over on Thursday and everyone go weeee......but that doesn't make any big difference for me. Am still the usual me, no idea how to describe the feelings. Sleeping hour still hard to adjust back to normal, need TIME again. =.=!

To reward, the sista gang wish to have something nice for dinner. After so many days of restless day and night, stressful period. And here we go->Ipoh, the nearest place we could seek for better entertainment and food.
Went to Kizuna Japanese Restaurant located behind Tesco, Ipoh which is the new business area Bandar Baru Medan.
It's my second visit to this restaurant, expecting food to be still at the greatest one. Sadly, the night gave us a big disappointment! There's a DEAD COCKROACH in my Miso Soup, how disappointing!
Plus, service was poor enough and there is not even a single smile on the waitress's face which is the basic manners of all. Service is rather slow, another disappointment as well.
I could only conclude this is my LAST VISIT to the restaurant! Here's some food pics....
Shakenabe Miso Soup (RM23.80) - Salmon and veges in the soup
Unagi Kabayaki (RM20.00) - Grilled Eel
Tori Teriyaki (RM13.80) 
Yaki Gyoza (RM10.80)
Ika Maruyaki (RM18.00)

Ambiance : 6/10
Pricing : 6/10
Service : 4/10
Food : 5/10

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