Friday, August 6, 2010

A Night with Tears

I am suppose to be on the bed right now but I woke up and blogged this since I do not know who to go to.
It's 2am in the morning, I shall be feeling exciting coz am going to KL. But, nothing thrills me. Instead, tears  and sadness came to me.

Why am I awake and sat in front of my lappie? Credits to Twitter which makes me tears unruly. Was checking out twits before I shut my eyes. Out of sudden, saw your updates which is a hard ones as you seldom tweet. Am simply running out of my mind! What the hell am I doing that makes me run into it? Curiosity? Caring? Or??
Clicked and checked them out. Thanked to my foolishness, gained an unhappy ones. 

In tears because I see similarities 
In tears because it reminds me of something
In tears because I miss the notes you wrote to me
In tears because I miss the meal you prepared for me
In tears because I miss the days you take care of me when I am sick
In tears because I miss Teddy

But I do not know whether you still exist deep inside me
Wondering what the tears mean
Wondering do you still remember me
Wondering if you still care
Wondering do you really changed to a stranger I no longer recognize

I know all these shall not pop up in my mind again
I told myself stop caring and thinking
What the hell is happening with me?
Why still look backward? 

It's crappy and noobish!

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