Thursday, August 5, 2010


Elaine, why are you still bugging on? I know this sound stupid talking to myself but I just can't help. Have no idea whether I am still caring or being hatred towards the past thingy. 

Obviously, they are so sweet and living happily together and it seems that you are the forgotten ones already. No point bugging on the worthless, shytty thingy! He forgotten yours everything, why don't you do the same as well? There's a long way to go, lots of people awaiting for you..why not giving chances and open up the heart? Big sighed! 

No doubt, E has been rejected a few of them although they are the good ones. Sound stupid huh? Well, prolly she is not interested at all. Hope she can keep her words, never get involve again.

Hell ya, it's real mind disturbing! Why on earth IT appears to me again after all this while? Hey you, YOU are good in creating all this ups and downs to people! Should have stay firm and ignore all those bullshits at the very first place, it's my fault as well! Simply noobish! 

Hope I can spend my weekend splendidly and have a loving ones! Dumping those bullshits aside and enjoy my weekend with loved ones. Miss my babes so muchie..>.<

p/s: Happy Birdae to my dearest Alex bro, wishing him get a GF and married soon. *psst, then I can play his baby, grin!*

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