Saturday, August 7, 2010


Am really exhausted, tired of everything. When will all these bothersome matters stay away from me? Whenever heard or saw something, I could pretend I am fine with that. But deep in heart, it is slicing me pieces by pieces. Still, feeling the pain like ever. Why would I still have such pain? Do I really still care? *in a mist* 真的累了,几时才可以抛开那些烦恼呢?每次看到和听到,都装着好像没那么一回事。其实心里却很痛,痛了,是因为在乎吧?搞不清楚了。

It's been many nights I kept having the same dream, no matter I am on a nap or night sleep, you are always appearing in the dream. Those dream are sweet, reminds me of those days. Once awake from sleep, only then I realized it was just a dream, a nonsense dream. Obviously, it is already impossible for those to happen. *slap*
After all, dream is still a dream. No matter what happens, they will never come true. Elaine, pls wake up!
Hoping tonight will have a better sleep hugging my piggy. *love*

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