Monday, August 9, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Awhhh, I love my weekend so much although it is a real tired ones than ever. Driving around, caught in traffic jams, messed around with peoples, movies, sleep and eat...A real relaxing weekend for me, leaving those nerve-racking stuff aside.

Went to PJ on last Friday, popped by bro's place and it was awfully tiring, almost fall asleep. But I can't sleep yet coz have to finish up the assignments as promised. Tummy drooling.....Told bro I miss Domino's Pizza. He ordered two pizza and we had our dinner-Pizza at his little cottage. It's filling and I can continue my journals thingy.

While waiting for that pig to finish work, I almost fall asleep again after done with assignments. It is almost midnight when reached pig's place. Thought of hitting the sack but end up online edit assignments and chat with friends, slept at 3am.

Yay! Managed to sleep till noon on a Saturday, sweet♥. Something happened on our way out from house, thank God everyone was safe. Continue our journey to Segambut for the famous Seafood noodles. It's a large bowl of noodles full with seafoods!! Previously, I had the soup ones and now I tried the curry ones. It is awesomely delicious with those freshly picked seafoods. It's my second visit to this shop and I am still loving it! Here's some reviews on the famous Yu Ai's Restaurant Seafood Noodle. 

Located at Segambut Utara (Segambut North) is a little township sprawled with small/medium industrial lots. And amidst these workshops and factories, is Restoran Yu Ai … a very popular spot for their Seafood Noodle. Yu Ai’s tawny curry is deep and complex, with layers of warm spices like cinnamon and cloves and ground coriander and a hint of sweetness from the coconut milk. To my surprise, the thick curry simply suits my taste bud and it is not spicy at all! To those curry lovers who can't take too spicy food, here's your pick!  

Restoran Yu Ai (Segambut)
Address: Restoran Yu Ai, 42, Jalan Segambut Utara, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-335 5563
Opening hours: 8am-5pm

Direction: Off Jalan Duta-Jalan Kuching roundabout. Maybe not exactly off, from the roundabout heading towards Jalan Ipoh, make a left at the first traffic lights-junction and a right at the next traffic lights, shop is on the left. Sufficient parking in the area. For those who dwell in the primitive art of reading road signs.
Restoran Yu Ai (SS2) Branch Shop
Address : No. 58, Jalan SS2/10, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours : 11am – 9.30pm
Telephone :03-7877 8177
Average Price : RM17.00 (Large) RM15.00 (Small)
After having our late brunch, headed to KLCC for PC Fair. Guess it will be super duper jam on the road as everyone is heading to the same place. Grrr, I hate traffic jams but have to bear with it. It's KL, urban city, what to do? Big sigh! 
Upon reaching, crowds everywhere! I hate this part as well, but since came already, so we walked around. Shootings, yeah....kept on shooting the showgirls. This year's showgirls was lesser compared to previous. Spent half day at PC Fair, bought WD MY PASSPORT EXTERNAL HARDISK, leather hard case for my i-Read, optical mouse from Sensonic...etc. So damn heavy taking all those treasured stuff, and the photographer kept on shooting non-stop. My apology to Mimi and Chin Lee, unable to help you guys buy anything coz I only have two hands and insufficient of cash. =(
 Leather Hard Case for my i-REad
My Passport Essential Hardisk
500GB External Hardisk from WD
Was so damn tiring and had swallow shoulders *Argh, I need massage!* Gosh, the LRT station was crowded, simply hate crowds! Get our tickets back to AP, collected our car and zoomed....back home. Slept in the car coz am so exhausted till moodless. Ordered Pizza Hut and watched "Confession of A Shopaholic" and most importantly is aircond! *grin* Miss and love this life, much better than in Kampar where you stuck in a hot and humid room. A nice movie....can't stand anymore...Zzzz
Reviews on "Confession of A Shopaholic" : Directed by P.J.Hogan and casted by Isla Fisher, it is indeed a funny movie with romance. Click here for the summary of the movie. Shoppings!! This is what every girls crazy about but have a limited credit to do so...What's more? Work hard, earn hard, and shop hard! 

Woohoo! It's Sunday...gonna spend my whole day for shopping. Went to Bangsar Village and parked at the basement. Walked around boutiques at Jalan Telawi while waiting for my dear Nor. Felt so grateful that Nor meet me up even she is still sick. All the boutiques were on the sales of 20% store wide! Unfortunately, only manage to get two tops. =( 
Met up with Nor and had our meal at THE DAILY GRIND. The restaurant is famous for their burgers, which is their signature dish. It comes in a big portion therefore we ordered a Down On The Farm Burger(Beef) and Salad Garlic Chicken and fruit juice for both of us. The restaurant is quite cosy with dim lights along with oldies, indeed a very typical western restaurant. We kept on chatting while eating, end up sitting there for 2hrs+ before we go for boutiques haunt. 

Top: Down On The Farm Burger. Juicy tender beef patty served with garden salad, crunchy onion rings, fries and corn cake. RM32
 Bottom: Salad Garlic Chicken, yummy with toasted bread cubes and green olives. RM18

Address: LG8, Lower Ground Bangsar Village, 
               1, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL.
Contact: 03-22876708
Had a nice outing with Babe Nor, quenched our thirst at PappaRich before leaving. Collected the car and to my surprise, RM9 for the parking fee! Wth! First time in my life for such expensive parking fee! Continue shop at 1U, main purpose is to look for something for someone since I got nothing to buy already. Prolly over my limit, battery flat..seriously need rest! Hang around at 1U then headed back home Zzzz...going bck to the dead town the next day..Presentation!

p/s: Thanks dear for everything ♥ Appreciate it! =)

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