Friday, July 16, 2010

MUFY Graduation 2010

It's Thursday, another day getting closer to an end of the week. It's a rush day for me as I have a presentation and need to rush to PJ after class.

Well, it's all about brother's convocation of MUFY (Monash University Foundation Year) at Sunway Resort Hotel. Bro had completed his 10months foundation at Sunway University College, congrats! *claps* 

Dad came and pick me up at 330pm today, luckily there is still spacious time for me to get prepared. With dad's driving skill, reached PJ in 1.5hr, or should I said less than that..LMAO..

It's only 5pm and it is still early before the dinner starts. Dropped by at brother's hostel and took some rest, waited bro and his gf to get prepared. 6pm reached Sunway Resort Hotel, and we are the earliest guest. =P

Registration counter yet to be set up, some cocktail and snacks being served before the function start off. It is just a small VIP Hold Room for that particular function. Stepped into 15th Floor reminds me of UTAR PROM NIGHT we had in last year March.

While waiting the time strike 7pm, where registration is opened, we took some shots but the effect is not that good, too bright from the sunlight outside. When guests started to came in and register, parents are allowed to have a seat inside the ballroom right after register themselves at the registration counter. Oh ya, we got a cute graduation teddy bear as door gift!

As usual, never expect such function will start sharp on time. Well, it delayed for about an hour before the food came, was damn hungry! With speeches and performance, following the agenda, everyone took their meal while enjoying performances by the students and lecturer. The meal was sucks as well as the services by the waiter/waitress. The most attractive part of performances was two students choreographed a few R&B songs with their soft dance. It's awesome!

As mentioned, the food tasted so bad even mamak's food are way better than the hotel ones. Dad can't take it and joined his Taiwan friend at the hotel's coffee house, tagged mom along, leaving me alone there. Sighed! Joined bro's table but they went for photo taking outside the ballroom, was so damn boring!
Until the last dish, I called up mom and told her I want to leave and met her at the coffee house. It's all about socialize again, had some talks with the old folks and ciaoz!

Off we headed back to Kampar, had meal at Tapah R&R. ~Speechless~ Dad and mom did not ate much at the dinner. Am so damn tiring but looking at mountains of work, argh...I am lazy! Break for myself!

Funny thing: 1.Bro's lecturer mistaken me as his GF when I took a photo of my bro receiving scroll 
                         from the campus representative.
                     2. Dad's Taiwan friend mistaken me as bro's GF as well! =.=

Ambience: 7/10
Food       : 4/10
Service    : 5/10
Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa VIP Hold Room.

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