Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy continues.....

A short updates here. Returned to my home sweet home, but it will not be a relaxing weekend for me rather a busy ones. Why huh? Because Dad will be celebrating his Inauguration of DG for Lions Club 308-B2 on Saturday night. But, there will be talks and events being held from 16 July 2010 (Friday) to 18 July 2010 (Sunday). *more updates about the Lions Club thingy tomorrow*

Well, it was a sleepy day for me but still force myself to stay awake, been driving for whole day, going here and there. Reached Ipoh but went to office meet up with mom, collected Kevin's lappy. Mom accompanied me to Etiqa to do my payment, unfortunately they closed at 415pm, fark! Then, headed to boutique to look at a reserved clutch bag. Supposedly buying that but I felt it is not money worthy, cheerio!
Went to next door, saw my favorite contemporary style of clothing. Bought one which the top comes in 1 piece with shorts. *spend again!* Time to ciao and go home, unfortunately parents locked the wooden door, causing me slack at outside while waiting mom to come back. =.=

Night time, went to boutiques at De Garden look for dinner dress as I can't fit in mom's gown, ~sobby~..Love that gown so much, and it's almost 900bucks leh!!
Blahhh.....bought one dress but need to send it to tailor coz too loose. Had a very late dinner at Wong Kok before went to Syuen hotel to meet dad. Oh ya, met Jen at Wong Kok! Getting pretty..

Tomorrow will be a hectic day for me. Morning, dated grandparents. Noon, collect dress from tailor's house at Tmn Cempaka, no idea where is that place. 2pm-3pm, attend talk at Syuen Hotel. 3pm, appointment for hair do. Then, walk over to Syuen Hotel and start helping. Royalty will be coming.....=.=

Am tired & lazy to blog so much tonight
Pichas do the talkings

July Newbies
Bioskin Raspberry Salt Massage, Bioskin Lip Gloss, Bioskin BB Cream
(Complimentary gift from Dad's friend in SG)
Got myself a Maxis BB
(Another burden for following months~sobz~)
My soft toy L-R: MUFY Teddy, Australia Lions Club Souvenir, McD Happy Meal cutie

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