Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Can I cry?
Can I take a break?
Can I have a shoulder to lean on?
Can I say NO to all these bullshyts?

Is there anyone willing to lend me a shoulder?
Is there anyone understand how I feel?
Is there anyone know what I want?
Is there anyone understand me?

I am tired
Seriously exhausted from all these shyts
I need a vacation
I need to calm down my mind
Need to recharge and rejuvenate myself
It is a tough year for me to get on
Staying firm and strong just to keep going on
Sometimes, I wish I could just died in an accident
Nothing more to worry
But, datelines are killing me by bits
9 assignments + 1Midterm + 5 Presentations + FYP + PR Campaign
*psst, it's only Y3S1*

My Apology
Sorry Mommy, I do not have much time to talk to you neither on Skype or over the phone
Sorry to my grandparents, I did not talk much over the phone and hardly concentrate on our conversation
Sorry to my friends, I have to reject all the dates and invites
Sorry to U, I do not have the time to think of you

Feeling guilty to all if I had been ignoring u guys
as I am really having a tough time and busy all the time
Thank you for yours caring
I sincerely appreciate it


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