Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gleeful Moment

Woot woot! Am feeling perky and damn spirited and pleased! I wonder what is going on with me, but am simply happy. Prolly parents are coming back from OZ and can't wait to see what Mom got for me from OZ. It's been 2 weeks since my last trip back to Ipoh, listed down my to-do-list and feeling contented to get each of them done in this short period of time. Thus, hitting the satisfaction and increase my level of happiness? LMAO

Although this trip is kinda rushie, but I am gonna complete those to-do in my list. Let's cut, car wash, grocery shopping, visiting the grands, hitting the gym, laundry, more importantly->Starbucks. And I did it tonight!^.^ Shall I get another cup tomorrow? *grin*

It's my first weekend of July and I simply feeling merry over everything, or am I feeling so coz am back to my sweet hometown? Whatever it is, feels like am getting back the life that I had been longing for some time. Although it's not the one I wanted like what I had back in PJ. Tehehehe..... Regained a breathable life back here, unlike in Kampar, getting moody everyday and leading unhealthy lifestyle. 

Albeit being home-alone and going Starbucks alone as well, but I like the enjoyment of being solo coz I get the peaceful moment I wanted *psst, once in a blue moon only*. Simply love being unattended at times where there is no toleration, no worries, undisturbed, having a restful time, enjoying the state of being tranquil and luxuriate into a cozy moment.

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