Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Recovery Night

A dreadful night
Stress or depress?
Had no idea at all
Suffered headache from assignments

A hard predicament happened
Feels the stretch
A rusty ones
Here comes hatred

In the period of hard time
They lend me a helping hand
My dear son~Nicholas 
My roomate a.k.a bestie~Mimi

Went for a breath taking ride
on a recovered darling a.k.a AUDI
A nice car to drive
Simply smooth and nice
*psst, yes I am noobish over continental cars*

Had durian by the roadside
My first time experience having heaty fruits in the wee hours
People are chasing over World Cup semi-final
and we are nomming on durians

Mental pressure conquered me
Let's take a ride to Ipoh! 
Went to McD
Ordered Happy Meal
*psst, not mine!* 
 A happy session full with laughter 

It's 3AM!
Headed back to Kampar
Had a great night with my dearies
Big thanks to Son Son & Mimi
You guys helped me alot in DE-STRESS
Love u guys!!

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